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Two Things...

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First and Foremost: question - has anybody seen the Nestle Sugar-free, nondairy coffee creamer in the refrigerated section of the grocery store? Would this be something that would be okay to use during phase 2? I know it would be rogue-esque...but I don't know if it's like sugar-free hard candy...try it and see? Or if it's like...hell no..don't do it...?

Also, FINALLY someone has said something about the weight I've lost. I haven't seen this girl in about two months and the first thing she said was "You look GOOD! You've lost weight!" So nice to hear! Like, hell yeah I've lost weight...I've lost over 20 freakin' pounds! LOL

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  1. Abbie43's Avatar
    Way to go! I haven't had anyone say anything yet to me except my daughter; but I have only lost 16 lbs. but I am only 5 feet tallk so it does show.

    I haven't seen the Nestle's creamer; sounds interesting. I just quit using it and use English Toffee and Vanilla Creme Stevia - works for me!