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  1. Two Things...

    First and Foremost: question - has anybody seen the Nestle Sugar-free, nondairy coffee creamer in the refrigerated section of the grocery store? Would this be something that would be okay to use during phase 2? I know it would be rogue-esque...but I don't know if it's like sugar-free hard candy...try it and see? Or if it's like...hell no..don't do it...?

    Also, FINALLY someone has said something about the weight I've lost. I haven't seen this girl in about two months and the first ...
  2. Phase 2, Day 20 of VLCD

    Day 19 - Saturday, July 30, 2011 - 152.0lbs


    So yesterday afternoon was a slow day at the office and one of the girls decided to be nice and go out and get everybody in the office a cupcake from one of the cupcake stores around town. That's really sweet and all...but nobody in the office knows that I'm on a diet let a,one the HCG diet. So she came back with cupcakes and I stayed in my office. Then about three minutes later she says "Come on, Emily I know you ...

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  3. Bored at work...

    Work is SO SLOW...and you know what I want to do right now?! EATTTTTTTT....I'm trying my best not to think about food but there is literally NOTHING to do and apparently, to my body, that means that it's time to eat. And I can't HAVE anything!

    Grrrr.......part of me just wants to sabotage everything and go get a milkshake! LOL
  4. Phase 2, Day 3 of VLCD

    Day 3 - Wednesday, July 13, 2011 - 158.2lbs


    Boy do I love the beginning of phase 2!! Well, I guess "love to hate" would be a more appropriate relationship. I love the fast weight loss but hate the detox feeling. Speaking of...I actually have felt pretty good so far. I was a little bit hungry the first day. Somewhat hungry yesterday. But all in all, NOTHING like the first round. Maybe it really was that I just was NOT prepared for that during round ...
  5. Phase 2, Day 1 of VLCD

    Day 1 - Monday, July 11th, 2011 - 161.0lbs

    Start Weight - 161.0lbs

    I love when I start of with an even number! That makes it soo much easier to see subtract! Sometimes I feel like I need a calculator to count to ten. Like I said it my last post, I definitely feel more prepared this time around. I'm hoping to eliminate some of the crying and anger toward not having any food.

    Breakfast: Water
    Lunch: 4oz of cottage cheese, 1 cucumber, 1 melba toast ...
  6. Phase 1, LOAD DAYS!?

    Saturday-Sunday, July 9-10

    Saturday weigh-in -- 158.6lbs
    Sunday weigh-in -- 159.8lbs

    So...this is the beginning of Round 2. *ding, ding*

    I don't know about the rest of you but this round of loading was a lot more difficult. I just didn't want to eat all kinds of fattening foods. I ate a TON of ice cream because it has a lot of fat and I wasn't super hungry for other things. Of course, you always want what you can't have so I'm sure now that I ...
  7. Round 2 Starts Tomorrow!

    I think I'm excited. But...I'm not sure. I have to keep telling myself that this phase 2 only lasts 21 days! Only 21 days. You can do anything for 21 days. Right? Yes.

    I'm going to miss my morning iced coffee though. I'll probably need encouragement though the first few days. AND the most important thing is that this should be my last round!! And after phase 2 is over it's all downhill from there! Phase 3 and phase 4 were super easy! I can do it! Anybody who is loading again Saturday ...
  8. Phase 3 - First Weigh-In

    So for my first phase 3 weigh-in...I was not excited about this at all. I was really scared. And...now I'm really depressed....my LDW was 155.0lbs but.....

    +1.8lbs from YESTERDAY. How????

    Maybe I added in too much, too quickly...

    Maybe some of this was from the sushi cheat on Sunday??

    I feel like crying a little bit because on Sunday, I weighed 153.4 - the lowest I've ever weighed...and now I'm back up like...three pounds.....

    Updated May 17th, 2011 at 08:50 AM by EmilyLayla

  9. Next Round - Load Phase (Warning: Do not read if sensitive to food suggestions!)

    I've determined over the past four weeks that the best way to get through this diet is to look forward to things that you can do in the future. I'm actually REALLY looking forward to phase three since I have found so many phase 3 friendly recipes that will satisfy my cravings for sugary treats and carbs. Phase four should be a lot easier if I can slowly add different things back into my diet all six weeks of phase 3 + phase 4.

    BUT - that being said, I love the two load days that you ...
  10. In The South We Say...


    I just want some damn CAKE! It is a little less than a week before Tom is supposed to arrive and my last week on the HCG drops before I start phase three...

    I have really bad cravings the week before anyways. And now? It's unbearable! *sigh* I know that everyone says it's not worth it but it's also not worth it to kill someone because I can't have chocolate!! hahaha

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