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so it really seems to help me to look back at my journal notebook from when I did round 1 and 2..to really see how happy I was and to see how it worked when I worked it right. I stabilized so well and everyday I was pretty good. Stabilized pretty well with the exception of a tom gain. sooo yeah, way different from r2 p3..I know what I need to do. maybe I need to do yoga during p2, lol. I need the zen and to clear my mind!! Im trying to focus on other goals not weight realated. Im dying my hair back blondish after p2..im going to try new classes at the gym and focus on how i feel mentally. I was waaaay happier on p3 foods feeling clean and lean then I am with any amount of cookies and crap not on a diet. yes I can do this on my own, but the hcg really really keeps me from going off protocal. Even if thats the only thing it does..that works for me. Good luck to all, we all have our bad days...and weeks. But this is just for now, we will be able to make our own choices soon and when we do we'll know how much better it feels to make the good one!

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