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p2 high protein day

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shakin it up a bit to see if it makes a bigger diff on the scale. Sats are always min fat free fage days and i lose the most on these days ( about 2- 3 each day) I did then last round and the round before and stablized fine. Im luckey I can do fage in p2 for protein. Decided to try a high protein day maybe once or twice a week if they help my losses.

No fruit and minimal veggies ( just lettuce)

noon- 1 whole egg and about 2-3 whites on a small lettuce salad with vinager and stevia-

4pm - 3-3.5 oz chicken breast with hot sauce and maybe a tbsp of fate free fage ( tastes like sour cream

7:30 or 8pm- undecided- either jay rob shake or more chicken or maybe lean beef. about 3 oz.

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  1. LilyFatNoMore's Avatar
    Sounds interesting, Let us know how it goes this time!

    I haven't braved eggs yet (while on P2)
  2. emross82's Avatar
    I never did before either...but then I realized I do the egg protein shakes so I must be semi ok with them. I dont weigh everyday so my only gage will be if im down more tomorrow then I am most sat weighs. ( I very consistanly lose 2-2.5 pounds from sunday morning to the following sat morn) and then like 2 pounds usually from the fff day. I realized this round that the last few round I was shorting myself protein when I did meat I would only do 2 oz..and should be getting a tid over 3. let me tell you that oz makes a diff in the way a chicken breast looks, lol. 3 oz ismore than enough in p2..but 2oz looks very little, lol. so heres hoping the extra ( or accurate amount) of protein helps my weight loss! I'll keep you posted