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I need to stop googling!!

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Ok I need people to tell me ( people who have done more than one round or are in p4 and happy!!) I need you to remind me that this is the way to go. I know Ive lost on this I know I was stabilized at one point before my round 2.. but my head has been SOOO back and fourth on whether to do this diet again to re-lose my weight ive gained, or to just go back to all my exersize and diets. now i know this works fast..which is what I need! I eat like a south beach ish p3ish diet to lose weight anyway, so why shouldnt I do p2 first?? I get so scared of all the posts on other sites about gaining it back and losing no fat ( i do know when the weight cam back..it was ALL fat) but I need to keep it in my head that im doing this again. I dont know why all of a sudden I doubt it. I think its lost that "fresh new diet" feeling. I was excited the first round, seeing it work, I didnt doubt stabilization. So I need people who are near the eand of their joureny or at the end to help me and tell me Ill get there and its not as hard as they say to keep it off. I love exersice, i almost feel guilty losing by not exercising. I feel like I need to 'earn it more" but s**t, 500 cal a day, no carbs, no drinks..no freaking real salads! I earn it right?? Keep going back and fourth in my head, please help me set it right!!!

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  1. Cpow's Avatar
    If you haven't already, pose your questions to Grammy. On the forum site, go to "Grammy's Groupies". She is very knowledgeable and has been on or around this diet for over 3 years... Perhaps she can help you.
  2. Constance's Avatar
    I know how you feel. I maintained my weight of 130lbs (I'm 5'2") for almost a year when started the diet back in January of 2011, but some really major events happened in my life and I just lost control and in December 2011 just started eating uncontrollably and not the healthy stuff! Between the xmas parties and birthday parties my willpower just went out the window and I stopped exercising (worked out 30 min to 1 hour 6x wk) I stopped weighing myself when I gained 10lbs....kept saying to myself I'll get back on boards in the new year but I had no willpower...really depressed about it because my clothes were not looking good on me anymore (size 4) everything was snug especially around my stomach (which I cannot tolerate after having nearly flat abs for so long) So as much as I don't like this boring restricted diet I know this is the fastest way for me to get back to where I was. It's like my body needs an oil change so I need to flush it so it can run smoothly again. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  3. emross82's Avatar
    lol, i like that. Thats what im doing..an oil change. they are pains in the a** huh? I just need a few good weeks on and then I need to roll into p3 and all will be good. i have don this to the T before. I just cannot except that I cant. Then on p4 I can play with maintaing though other "diets" I actualluy love different diets, I thin kim addicted to the ideas of new things..this isnt new anymore...but I need to treat it like my r1.. I was in it to win it. r2.. I did it but it was ALOT harder. but d**m I got small. Now im torn between trying to stick it out as long as I can to get back to skinny mini or to just go back to r1 weight were I was happy and thinner but not a size 2...its hard to except a higher number when youve seen a low low one huh? How many weeks are you in this for? I know this site helps keep me motivated...its the other sites that I need to stay away from. i need to settle that im doing this and freakin do it already! I started jan 2...lost about 16 or more pounds...had a really bad weekend, took a week off the pelletts...and I feel like ive gained everything back..however I WILL NOT get on that scale for a week or 2. I dont care were suppost to everyday. I didnt lose one week and that is what flipped me out. Ahh im so dumb, to be back there. It will happen quickly and then we need to make sure to make p4 a life thing. I was doing well with exercise ( never an issue) and doing corrections when I would do a treat day and then i messed up my last p3 and then all unraveled. boo. Thanks for the encouragement. I know im not the only who has gained..but I hope to be back to where I was maintaining!
  4. winodeb's Avatar
    I think a lot of people will agree with you that Round 2 was HORRIBLE, no matter what way you looked at it, it sucked. I'm happy to report that Round 3 is a piece of cake! Mine was not bad at all, I actually kind of enjoyed it.

    Remember there are so many positives to doing this and you are earning it every step of the way both mentally and physically.

    Good luck
  5. emross82's Avatar
    sigh..technically this is my round 3, lol. round 2 was like you said.. alot harder. p2..made it through. p3..not so much. I pretty much am back to square one and am seriously considering just scratching this and going back to my hard core exersice and diet..im literally so torn i feel crazy. i cant get my head in it. im not hungry but i miss options..not even unhealthy ones. I dont know what to do!!
  6. captncrunch's Avatar
    I know how you feel, I'm really worried about stabilization and what not. But my backup plan is to find a weight that I'm happy with and go 5lbs below. I know the most effective way for me to accomplish this is this diet. And if you did it to a T before, you could do it again.
  7. emross82's Avatar
    i appreciate the kind words. Hope you dont mind if i hit you up on this site here and there for weak moments. I wish I didnt know this diet worked so well! I do so freakin well with the "unknown" i give it my all. I just so want to get back to my nov weight and then really do it right. But I keep 2nd guessing if this is the way I want to go about it. I can alway lose on other diets but ive gotten the smallest on this, yes I miss the semi freedom I get from the other plans..but I mean come on cant i deal for 30 freakin days?? I literally want to go to bed at 7:30 because this is all I have thought about for 3 days, lol. Im exhaused of dieting im exhaused of the "phases" and I want to maintain..and im mad im not at the weight to maintain! I so know you guys understand this, i would have given up forever ago if not for this site.

    Captn- I know youll be just fine in p4, you have worked this program and you know what works for you. I feel like I know how to keep it off.. but I miss the maintainace phase. I also dont want to be afraid of carbs forever either. I really want to do this and keep it off! My sisters are losing weight but doing low cal and exercise on their own and have a "treat day" once a week and im like "ahhhh why cant i do that??!" but i know in p4 i will be able to. hopefully without gaining 3 pounds everytime. I love fage but i dont want to do a day of it everytime i want cereal.

    Also a bit scared that im trying in the summer to maybe have a baby and I dont want it to all come back in a month! baby needs carbs, lol. Even healthy ones ill be nervous about. Sooo I guess ill get this day under my belt and just put it in my head to take it day by day..ill feel better soon. Sucks to be in the p2 and still feel fat..p2 is more fun when you feel skinny and motivated!!
  8. Newjulie's Avatar
    Ahhh, but when you are preggers, you will have free HCG coursing thru your veins, no?

    What's in your head holding you back? Journal it out and see what comes up. Are you just mad at yourself for having to do this again? Finish this round and see where you are. A 23 day dose round is all you need!
  9. Perseverance's Avatar
    You really need to be in the right head space for this to work. HCG or not. If you are not in the right head space I would wait till you are ready. You can do this if you commit to it and get your head in the right place. Is it easy...no. But you can do anything for 26-43 days if you put you mind to it. Only you can decide!
  10. emross82's Avatar
    Youre very right, and I dont know why i keep self doubting. I keep getting that voice in my head saying..just do what you did before, diet, exercise...this diets insane! I need to act like I wasnt just at goal a little bit ago and do it like I did in july and then again in oct. . no non sence. I actaully need to do it abit longer then I did then ( I think) in order to get to my round 2 weight...but then again if im acting like Ive never done it I need to forget that number i guess, lol. That sucks! I guess Ill take it bit by bit and day by day ill feel better. Even when I wasnt on hcg I was always "dieting" I was successful but not this successful..sooooo Im not missing out on much except a bigger range of diet food, lol. I keep telling myself come on..you can do this til mid march...just in time for spring!! Thanks to you all! Self sabatoge is a huge thing and I do it all the time.. I need to get to the reason why, but until then I need to treat theis as a detox and a way to mentally heal from what im doing to myself. You do need to have the right mind set to do this, i think a nice fresh mind set works the best. Thats why so many people have issues in round 2...the honeymonn is over and you miss p3...I do jornal and i need to keep that up. not just food but how i feel and why im doing this and the pros and cons to this diet vs others and to keep myself form looking into other diets while im doing this one. I can use those diets to maintain. Have a great day all!!