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The start of my wedding weight loss!

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Today is day three of loading for me. I am using HCG patches and I really like them.
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This is a day of do over for me. I successfully lost about 60 pounds on HCG before but I have since regained all the weight plus some more.
Unfortunately I cannot post a weight because my scale is not working and I have to get a new one so I will post that progress in a few days.

I am getting married July 27, 2013 and I am hoping to lose 80 pounds by then or more. The sad part is I have to order my wedding dress in January and I am worried about what size to order it. I plan on sticking to at least 4 rounds of HCG.

This first round I want to go for 60 days instead of the usual 43 day rounds. I want to be at a certain point before my 24th birthday on January 28th.

I am hoping by writing in this blog everyday that I will be able to stay accountable and not cheat. Sometimes the urge gets to me and I have to slap myself literally to not cheat.

I have had an extremely hard year and have had a lot of life altering events happening. With that came a lot of stress and thus I regained all the weight I had previously lost. I can't be angry with myself any longer. All I can do is move forward and start fresh.
Tomorrow is another day and I know I will succeed.

I am a full time student working on my Master's Degree in Gender Studies. After that I plan on going to law school sometime in the future. I also work part time. There is not a lot of time for me to focus on weight loss so that is where HCG comes into play because it is so easy to do. I just need to get the ball rolling and tomorrow is the start of a new journey for me.

I will write in my blog everyday as a way to keep updated on my progress and see how I am doing. This is where I will post my moods and what I have eaten for the day.

Right now I am sick after loading, I still need to finish loading for the day and then I am done! I cannot wait to start another round of HCG and get back to feeling and looking good again.

I will post my measurements weekly and see the progress I am making and I will post pics as time goes on too.

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  1. nj411's Avatar
    hi can u plz tell me what u r using bcz i also want to lose 15kg...n ya happy wedding God give u more thn u desire
  2. nj411's Avatar
    n wat is HCG patches? plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me
  3. mcrider1996's Avatar
    I know its hard but I truely believe you can do it....
  4. nj411's Avatar
    plz tell me as well