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  1. I am switching to Atkins!

    I have been really strict and eating entirely clean in the last week with no weight loss at all. I think my body is trying to tell me something. I have been the same weight for the last 3 months while trying to do rounds on HCG and it just doesn't want to come off. I need to do something drastic for my wedding and I want to lose 40 pounds before then if I can.

    I hate myself right now and I hate how I have been exercising and dieting like crazy since January and the weight won't ...
  2. Vlcd 11!

    Things are finally slowly starting to pick up a little bit for the weight loss. Over the last 4 days I have lost 3.6 pounds.
    I think stress is still a big factor as to why it hasn't been more.

    From my load weight I have lost 14.6 pounds or if you don't count it I have lost 10.6 pounds in 11 days.
    So maybe the weight loss is coming along at a pretty good rate. I am doing a 60 day round anyways. My fiance is going through final exams this week and next week and I am ...
  3. VLCD 7 and finally a loss!

    Thanks for all the support yesterday everyone. Today I woke up to a 6 pound loss. I was up 6 pounds from loading and now I am back down to my pre-loading weight finally. I am hoping tomorrow the real weight loss will begin. I am not hungry at all but will make sure to eat on schedule. Last night I finally slept a full 10 hours and get to relax today.

    I am thinking a lot to do with what was happening to me was extreme stress but I think things will die down now and not be so hard. ...
  4. VLCD 6 and not happy at all

    I am really upset. Today I weighed 6 pounds over what I should. What is going on? I am following protocol and not losing any weight. Maybe I should switch to Atkins because this sucks.
  5. VLCD 4 and 5!

    OMG yesterday was a complete disaster and I was stressed out of my mind. It affected my weight loss and this morning I woke up to a 3 pound gain. I ate on protocol so I don't know how that happened. Stress seems to make me bloat or keep the weight on.

    I am so frustrated I want to cry.
    Today I had an egg and 2 egg whites for breakfast with a little bit of lean ground beef added in for extra protein. I felt like I needed some more food this morning. I also ate an orange and cucumber. ...
  6. Vlcd 3!

    So this morning was just awful. Yesterday it was all warm and sunny and the snow was melting. This morning I awoke to a major snow storm and the roads were really slippery. On the way to university this morning for a huge presentation I needed to do I almost slammed into some cars that got stuck on the road. Their tires could not get any traction. Well when I slammed on my brakes, I missed the cars but got stuck myself. I was lucky that my fiance was driving behind me so he could get out and help ...
  7. VLCD 1 and 2!

    Yesterday was a pretty good day. I was really busy but managed to eat well and did not feel hungry at all.

    -chicken with vegetables

    -same thing

    I don't really like the melba toasts so I am leaving those things out.

    I didn't get a chance to weigh in yesterday to see what I gained from loading but before loading I was around 328 and today I weighed in at 329.8 so I probably gained 3-4 pounds ...
  8. HCG DIET RESTART!! Loading day 2!

    Hi Everyone!

    I have had a lot going on and the past few months have been very stressful! Well I stopped doing the hcg diet for a while but managed to maintain the weight loss I did have. I am currently 328.8 pounds

    Chest: 42
    Waist: 36
    Hips: 52

    Before I started this diet I was 340 pounds
    Chest: 49
    Waist: 41

    Anyways I am ready to restart this and start losing weight again. I want to do a 60 day ...
  9. VLCD...not sure...I haven't been posting for a bit

    I did well up until yesterday when I fell off the wagon bad...I will admit I have a hard time dealing with stress. Good thing I am doing a 60 day round.

    Oh well I am going to eat normally today and pretend it is like a mini load and restart tomorrow. I have still lost 10 pounds and lots of inches so I am not going to let this discourage me.
  10. VLCD 13! Patch day 2!

    OH man what a few days. I am working on papers still and really stressed. I had bad news today that just pushed me over the edge. I am so frustrated that I have weighed 323 for the last 2 days with no budge. I ended up eating a few pancakes tonight because I forgot to eat earlier today.

    I am stressed as hell and just feel like crap from school. I am so tired of it and just want a life back. I also had this diet sometimes when you end up eating nothing and the scale doesn't budge. ...
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