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Vlcd 11!

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Things are finally slowly starting to pick up a little bit for the weight loss. Over the last 4 days I have lost 3.6 pounds.
I think stress is still a big factor as to why it hasn't been more.

From my load weight I have lost 14.6 pounds or if you don't count it I have lost 10.6 pounds in 11 days.
So maybe the weight loss is coming along at a pretty good rate. I am doing a 60 day round anyways. My fiance is going through final exams this week and next week and I am finishing a final essay of the semester so we are still under a bit of stress. I am hoping once I am free from this semester the stress will be almost gone and the weight loss will continue at a good rate. I really want to look good for my wedding.

Take care everyone!

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  1. Miche's Avatar
    Your weight loss is great! Those are fantastic numbers! You got this down...