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VLCD 6 and not happy at all

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I am really upset. Today I weighed 6 pounds over what I should. What is going on? I am following protocol and not losing any weight. Maybe I should switch to Atkins because this sucks.

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  1. LovelyStacy5456's Avatar
    Where did you purchase your hcg? Drops or injections? Did you mix yourself? What are you eating & how much?

    I'm no expert. This is my 1st time doing this diet & on day 14 (2 Loading & on day 12 of Phase 2). I did't lose any weight over this past weekend, but have lost 20lbs so far overall.
  2. esor45's Avatar
    I am doing the hcg patches from frequency apps.
  3. Rabo's Avatar
    Tell us exactly what you are eating. Are you saying you haven't lost a single pound?

    I don't know anything about the patches, but I want to try to help you figure this out. Are you hungry?
  4. esor45's Avatar
    No I'm not hungry. I have been eating chicken or lean ground beef (100g) for lunch normally and half a cucumber. I also typically eat an orange, apple, or some strawberries. No melba toast. I have been under a lot of stress lately and not getting much sleep. Last night I was up really late, like 4am writing a paper. The day before that also really sucked and I was stressed out. Could stress be derailing my progress?
  5. Dubbles's Avatar
    I feel so bad for you. I'm no authority, but everything you read says stress can cause weight gain, and that is not so good for you, me, or many of us, I imagine. I just started vlc day 1, and I am under a lot of stress, family issues, work--so I will let you know if I do or don't lose. I've done this diet before and lost quite a bit of weight, but wasn't under the stress I now have in my life. So I am very curious to see if it does make a difference. I am using pellets right now, but ordered the patches from frequency apps yesterday. Other than not losing, are you pleased with them?
  6. Rabo's Avatar
    Have you lost absolutely nothing?

    Stress causes all kinds of weight stalls and water retention, as does lack of sleep?

    Is there an end in sight to your stressors?
  7. esor45's Avatar
    It seems I have lost nothing so far. I will give it a few more days and see what happens. I do have a chance for a bit of a breather now. Thanks everyone for the support.
  8. LovelyStacy5456's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by esor45
    I am doing the hcg patches from frequency apps.
    I have never heard of hcg patches. Is that something new?
    I am doing the injections. My cousin is doing the drops. & I've heard of some pellets (don't personally know anyone that's takn them though), but have never even heard of patches.
    Oh & what you're eating sounds right. Drink pleanty of water. Are you having the acceptable coffee & teas? & stress caused me to gain 2lbs last week. Pray & try some deep breathing.
  9. pookster's Avatar
    check your stuff.. read labels for hidden ingredients such as oils..starches and sugars.. even spices can be cruel culprits with sodium. Something isn't adding up here.
  10. pookster's Avatar
    esor..I just read this when looking up your product...


    That being said..even if they are homeopathic (no real hcg) in them..you should still be losing.. I use homeo drops and have done very well.

    But again, please read the labels of any spices/vitamins/supplements or other things you are using just to be sure you are not accidentally sabotaging yourself. I have seen it happen...
  11. esor45's Avatar
    Thanks for checking that out for me. I contacted the company and they said the hcg patches are still the same they are just being put under a different name due to credit card companies getting cranky with the name "hcg" in any of the products. The patch is still available just under a different name but is the same product.

    I will start checking my spices more carefully as well. It just dawned on me that I haven't changed my body soap yet, I use that Dove moisturizing body wash, do you think that could be my culprit?
  12. pookster's Avatar
    Your welcome...not sure on bodywash ...could cause a stall but a 6 pound gain I dunno..everyone is different. For me I can't even touch lotion because my body will eat it lol.

    Could you post your daily intake and I mean everything..I wonder if you got something in your list your sensitive too.

    For example today I ate
    100g ground turkey breast with fresh garlic and 2 tsp of hot sauce. 100g of cooked cabbage. Coffee with sweetener. Water with lemon wedge same exact thing for dinner. Pretty boring I know but I don't do well with spices..fruit or melba.
  13. pookster's Avatar
    Also if your female could your time of the month be near? Some people experience gains during their tom.
  14. esor45's Avatar
    Today I had chicken 100g for lunch, cucmber, and an orange. I had the same thing for dinner.