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Finally 130s!! Oh boy am I happy!!

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Did not lose inches for the last 5 days but dropped 2 pounds for the last 2 days. We have not only superficial fat that we can see and measure but also fat inside the organs that is most dangerous to health, fat that is covering heart, liver, stomach and squeezing those organs. I believe the process took place to melt those, I can feel/see that from the quality and shape that stomach is taking. Little here and little there. Yes, this does really melt the fat. And this is worth a lot.
This time I will not walk before I get all the unwanted fat off of me. Now I know too well how important P3 is also. Yes, today, for the first time I remembered how wonderful thin was, now that I am getting closer.. I felt I am getting back to be (not yet there all the way but getting there) elegant, long and lean. When I take off my clothes I do not look disgusting mess of a woman.

Oh Gawd!! Finally!! Relief!!

Pre-load (BL): 152.7
vlcd:1 (after-load) (AL): 154.5 (175 IU)
vlcd:2 150.7 (175 IU) (-2lbs BL) (-3.8 lbs AL)
vlcd:3 147.7 (150 IU) (-3 lbs)
vlcd:4 146.4 (150 IU) (-1.3 lbs)
vlcd:5 144.6 (125 IU) (-1.8 lbs)
vlcd:6 144.4 (125 IU) (-0.2 lb)
vlcd:7 142.4 (150 IU) (-2 lbs)
vlcd:8 143 (skipped injection) (+0.6 lb)
vlcd:9 143.7 (125 IU) (+0.7 lb)
vlcd:10 143.9 (125 IU) (+0.2 lb)
vlcd:11 142.6 (100 IU) (-1.3 lbs)
vlcd:12 did not weigh (July 3) (100 IU)
vlcd:13 141.9 (evening TOM started) (125 IU) (-0.7 lb)
vlcd:14 142.4 (exact number as day 7) (125 IU) (+.5 lb)
vlcd:15 140.2 (125 IU) (-2.2 lbs)
vlcd:16 140.6 (GAINED AGAIN +0.4 lb) (150 IU) (+0.4 lb)
vlcd:17 140.2 (lingering..super hungry, weak) (150 IU) (-0.4 lb)
vlcd:18 (not weighing today, emergency room saline injections)
vlcd:19 138.2 (sticking with 150 IU) (-2 lbs)

Waist: 75.5 cm
Belly: 91
Hips: 95.5

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Updated July 10th, 2013 at 10:30 AM by Exhottienowaveragejane



  1. Deseret's Avatar
  2. Exhottienowaveragejane's Avatar
    Thank you, hon. Still a long way to go..(another 13.2 lbs) but now, starting to feel OK with myself and what I am starting to see in the mirror helps a great deal. Of course, there is the P3 part after that. So, I am not anywhere near the finish line yet. Hopefully will get there

    My bests to you!!
  3. Deseret's Avatar
    When I did my first round of HCG my starting weight was 152 also Im only 4lbs under your weight right now and have almost the same goal as you Hang in there, it starts tapering off towards the lower numbers but hang in there! Feel free to message me to if you ever want to talk!

    Keep up the good work!
  4. Exhottienowaveragejane's Avatar
    Thanks hon. Of course you are much much younger and I know I can't compare myself to anyone as everybody's body mechanism works differently.. so I have never attempted to be a part of any groups or buddying up in the process. However, I know when we get to low numbers it gets much more difficult to see losses. I believe I have a few more pounds to get there and when I see no change for a number of days..then I will stop. I hope not before I could get in all closet full of outfits that have been sitting there for 2 years now. It will be like I got a free shopping spree out of this and a body I can walk around in with no shame or guilt but womanly confidence/pride -which is so good-
  5. hcghelp's Avatar
    Got a question, (im new at this), why are you changing the iu shots almost every day? Is that normal?

    Sorry, I am trying to learn and understand.
    Thank you and Congrats on 130's, thats my goal weight 1 day.
  6. Exhottienowaveragejane's Avatar
    The reason why I keep changing the dose is because I am trying to find the right dose for me where I don't feel very hungry and tired. I was new at injections so I didn't know I had to stay at one dose for at least three days to change it. And skip one day of injections in between but not more often than 4 days. I learned it when I got to 100 IU but it was already done. I am not at 150 IU, seems OK. If your dose is not right not only do you suffer through the program but also you lose the wrong fat and you do not stabilize...which happened to me the last round with the hhcg drops. This round I want to and I am determined to do everything right..Hope that helps
  7. hcghelp's Avatar
    Thank you, it helps very much. Im still researching the dosages. My kit will be here soon. I just dont know what dose to start with? Ive never done this before. 5'7" 215lbs, want to.lose 85. Lbs.
    What dose should I start with since Im obese?
  8. Exhottienowaveragejane's Avatar
    I am not experienced enough to answer you, hon but according to Grammy 125 IU works for the majority of people. It is not decided according to the weight you carry. If you don't feel comfortable at 125 then you go through the road I went through and find your 'sweet spot'