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Still/Again Fluctuating, Up for 0.4 lbs since yesterday, larger on the belly& waist!

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Yesterday I was maddeningly hungry all day especially evening time!! I always stay within the protocol, never cheat, so please, before you ask.
I had raw scallions as vegetables at night with dinner and just suppress the hunger I have been craving for salt. Yes, I had a bit more salt but quite negligible (I believe).

Yes, I know what you will say, it is the salt and it is the water weight but I am truly sick of this. Especially when I see my waist getting larger instead of just the opposite.
Let me recap with the numbers:

Pre-load (BL): 152.7
vlcd:1 (after-load) (AL): 154.5 (175 IU)
vlcd:2 150.7 (175 IU) (-2lbs BL) (-3.8 lbs AL)
vlcd:3 147.7 (150 IU) (-3 lbs)
vlcd:4 146.4 (150 IU) (-1.3 lbs)
vlcd:5 144.6 (125 IU) (-1.8 lbs)
vlcd:6 144.4 (125 IU) (-0.2 lb)
vlcd:7 142.4 (150 IU) (-2 lbs)
vlcd:8 143 (skipped injection) (+0.6 lb)
vlcd:9 143.7 (125 IU) (+0.7 lb)
vlcd:10 143.9 (125 IU) (+0.2 lb)
vlcd:11 142.6 (100 IU) (-1.3 lbs)
vlcd:12 did not weigh (July 3) (100 IU)
vlcd:13 141.9 (evening TOM started) (125 IU) (-0.7 lb)
vlcd:14 142.4 (exact number as day 7) (125 IU) (+.5 lb)
vlcd:15 140.2 (125 IU) (-2.2 lbs)
vlcd:16 140.6 (GAINED AGAIN +0.4 lb) (150 IU) (+0.4 lb)
vlcd:17 140.2 (lingering..super hungry, weak) (150 IU) (-0.4 lb)
vlcd:18 (not weighing today, emergency room saline injections)

Waist: 76.5 cm (1 cm larger than yesterday)
Belly: 92 (1 cm larger than yesterday)
Hips: 95.7 (0.8 cm less than yesterday)

I am losing in the wrong area. Losing my naturally hourglass figure, waist is getting thicker and hips thinner. I lost the curve on my derriere but keeping a large waist. Belly is getting fine but not at the same rate or close to hips.

I started to fantasize very heavily about food. Have been doing internet food **** yesterday for hours.

I am not happy today, sorry!
I hope you all are doing better than I do.

UPDATE: vlcd 18: July 9, Tuesday
I spent last night all night in an emergency room of a hospital with no sleep and ivy/saline transfer(suspected heart attack). I was so hungry all day all night. I couldn't drink the little water that they gave me. So of course now I weigh higher and measure thicker but that is not real fat gain as I didn't do anything against the protocol. So today I will skip weighing and measuring myself. See you all tomorrow.

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Updated July 9th, 2013 at 10:50 AM by Exhottienowaveragejane



  1. scalephobia's Avatar
    hey there -

    I know you probably don't want to hear this - but your weight loss is completely normal for HCG - as are the fluctuations you're seeing. Body weight changes - even hour to hour - with or without a diet. It does go up and down by ounces each hour of each day.

    HCG is never going to give you a methodical, daily reduction. No diet plan or program will do that - because no body is capable of maintaining exact mathematical weight each and every day.

    What HCG does do is liquefy fat. It takes time. It's a chemical process and it's kinda messy. Not methodical or mathematical at all.

    Every liquified fat cell will hold that liquid for a period of time - then release. Sometimes water will fill up in the same place and keep the cell swollen - for a day, an hour, a couple days even. Water weighs more than fat. It also feels heavier and more swollen than fat. It flushes though. So long as you stick to protocol and you're seeing weight lost at the end of each week (from the beginning of the week before) - and that loss is consistent with HCG expectations - you're on track.

    And looking at your numbers - you are completely on track.

    Yes - expect to see gains day to day - between losses. At the end of the week - you're still down.

    12 lbs in 16 days - of pure fat. That's .75 lbs of fat a day. Regardless of little gains in between - it's still higher than average and good weight loss.

    If you look at your weight chart - you are consistently going down.

    If you stress over the ounces - then yes, you're seeing ups here and there. But that's very normal. I think we all stress a bit over the little fluctuations. But they're going to come and go regardless.
  2. Exhottienowaveragejane's Avatar
    Scalephobia, thank you very much for caring and answering, plus for being so knowledgeable and having so much sense! What was bothering me was that whole week second week total loss was 0. And I had and still have doubts if I am losing real, pure fat or just water and muscles & bones. After reading the forum and seeing that second week stall has been experienced by others, now I feel more relieved. And decided to trust the process and not overly fuss about the progress or no progress. If only I could find the right dose and not feel hunger and fatigue...that is making me really worry