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Some of the gains gone today..but only some!!

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I lost some of the pounds gained during those last 3 days...however, far far from a recovery. I am wasting days after days...and I don't even know why exactly. Especially for me who has the biggest fear of needles..it really is a big deal. It took so much from me to inject today, I had to lay down and was dysfunctional with hyperventilation, palpitations, etc..still can't even type right as I am still shaking. My dose was 10IU, 2nd day try of this. But today I was hungry upon rising which I haven't experienced before until I lowered the dose to 10. But it has only been 2 days. Not sure what's going on

Pre-load: 152.7
vlcd:1 (after-load): 154.5
vlcd:2 150.7
vlcd:3 147.7
vlcd:4 146.4
vlcd:5 144.6
vlcd:6 144.4
vlcd:7 142.4
vlcd:8 143
vlcd:9 143.7
vlcd:10 143.9
vlcd:11 142.6

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  1. scalephobia's Avatar
    So you're 10 lbs down in 11 days. That's actually very very good.

    The average loss for women is .5 lbs a day - to .75 lbs a day.

    The average loss for men is 1 lb a day.

    Looks like you're keeping up with the guy's faster metabolism so far.

    Looking at your chart - really - I don't see anything remotely concerning about it. The gain on day 8 isn't abnormal - especially after a loss as large as 9 lbs in 8 days. It's really phenomenal.

    Doing a daily weight worry will stress you more than you need to be stressed. When I saw weird things on the scale on P2 - I just left it for a couple days and decided to relax. In the end - it all comes out as a loss - and in your case - likely a very good overall loss for the time period.

    So congratulations that the gains are reversing. They may occur again every 7 or 8 lbs - but they won't hold.

    You actually can't gain weight on 500 cals a day - especially with HCG in your system.
  2. yep yep I can's Avatar
    I agree with scalephobia... 10 pounds in 11 days is a great loss.. and yes the stress will cause you to gain so try and relax as best you can... sorry you have such a fear of needles that must be really hard. I hope things start to settle down for you and this next week goes smoother.
  3. Exhottienowaveragejane's Avatar
    Thank you, both, scalephobia and yepyepIcan.
    I want to believe it. And that is what I am doing anyway. Last round, though, I had a 14 day stall and I waited it out like an idiot..but then have been told should not have waited, my dose was all wrong etc etc...So, I really don't know anything anymore..
    Really really all confused