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With injured snail speed..

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Yes, scale goes back and forth, progress is none to minimal during this 2nd week. Only 0.5 lbs lost for the last two days.

First week loss: 10.3 lbs
Second week loss: 0.5 lbs so far (I have one more day to finish the second week).

Ridiculous? Definitely. And I don't even know what the explanation for this is. Everybody says something different. I will continue of course but I wish I knew what was going on, the mechanism of it all and if I will be able to lose more or that's it for me.


Here are my numbers below:

Pre-load: 152.7
vlcd:1 (after-load): 154.5
vlcd:2 150.7
vlcd:3 147.7
vlcd:4 146.4
vlcd:5 144.6
vlcd:6 144.4
vlcd:7 142.4
vlcd:8 143
vlcd:9 143.7
vlcd:10 143.9
vlcd:11 142.6
vlcd:12 did not weigh (July 3)
vlcd:13 141.9

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  1. AbsAgain's Avatar
    You can figure this out if I did. Here are some thoughts (if you want more):

    Are you working with a doctor? (can ask him/her questions)
    Are you writing down every single thing you eat? (helps in figuring out gains)
    Are you drinking about a gallon of water a day? (to flush the fat)
    Are you still losing inches? (sometimes your body needs a few days to regroup)
    Are you getting enough sleep? (lack of sleep affects hormones)
    Are you following Dr. Simeon's protocol? (little deviations like an extra ounce of meat or too many carbs can cause a gain or no loss)

    You're still on track, just not the track you expected. See what week 3 brings. Stay positive. Keep in touch with forum pals.