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  1. Around the same number for 6 days now with 0.4 lb GAIN, big belly & larger waist..

    Around the same number for 6 days now with 0.4 lb GAIN, bigger belly & larger waist..Again I look like a pregnant lady due in 4 months. EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat raw onions with fish (taking advantage of being alone at home, not socializing) I GAIN or STALL. Aaarrrgghh! I am so fed up!

    Numbers are:
    Pre-load (BL): 152.7
    vlcd:1 (after-load) (AL): 154.5 (175 IU)
    vlcd:2 150.7 (175 IU) (-2lbs BL) (-3.8 lbs AL)
    vlcd:3 147.7 (150 IU) (-3 lbs)
    vlcd:4 ...

    Updated July 15th, 2013 at 08:18 PM by Exhottienowaveragejane

  2. GAINED 1.1 lbs by upping my protein by 50gr and skipping fruit by forum's advice..

    GAINED 1.1 lbs by upping my protein by 50gr and skipping fruit by forum's advice..but here's the fine print: I ate that extra protein with *extra vegetable* which was scallions with a lot of salt to suppress hunger. I didn't have any BM for over 9 days now. However 1.1 lbs GAIN...!!!!!

    Please any informed advice will be greatly appreciated. To give you more insight here are my numbers as below:

    Pre-load (BL): 152.7
    vlcd:1 (after-load) (AL): 154.5 (175 IU) ...

    Updated July 13th, 2013 at 10:16 PM by Exhottienowaveragejane

  3. A very modest 0.2 lb since yesterday..but as long as I am on the right direction..

    A very modest 0.2 lb since yesterday..but as long as I am on the right direction..I'll take it! I will try to drop one fruit and increase my protein intake by 50 gr. and see what happens. Because I really had to force myself to eat that very sweet apple at night while I was starving for something salty and hearty.

    I have been very hungry all day..I don't know what to do with my dose. I will stick to 150 for one other day (today) and skip tomorrow to see I guess..

  4. Finally 130s!! Oh boy am I happy!!

    Did not lose inches for the last 5 days but dropped 2 pounds for the last 2 days. We have not only superficial fat that we can see and measure but also fat inside the organs that is most dangerous to health, fat that is covering heart, liver, stomach and squeezing those organs. I believe the process took place to melt those, I can feel/see that from the quality and shape that stomach is taking. Little here and little there. Yes, this does really melt the fat. And this is worth a lot.
    This ...

    Updated July 10th, 2013 at 10:30 AM by Exhottienowaveragejane

  5. Still/Again Fluctuating, Up for 0.4 lbs since yesterday, larger on the belly& waist!

    Yesterday I was maddeningly hungry all day especially evening time!! I always stay within the protocol, never cheat, so please, before you ask.
    I had raw scallions as vegetables at night with dinner and just suppress the hunger I have been craving for salt. Yes, I had a bit more salt but quite negligible (I believe).

    Yes, I know what you will say, it is the salt and it is the water weight but I am truly sick of this. Especially when I see my waist getting larger instead of ...

    Updated July 9th, 2013 at 10:50 AM by Exhottienowaveragejane

  6. Hopefully stall is finally broken..

    I am afraid to say it as I am not sure if I will fluctuate again around it. I hope not.

    I believe, after reading P&I again, that I have been on this weight (low 140s) for a very long time. That is why I stall when I get there. It is not 10 years or more as mentioned on P&I but it is long enough around 5 years or so. I really truly hope that I will get to low 130s and my ideal weight 125. I am 5'6", 46 year old, before you ask.

    Even if I can only get to ...

    Updated July 6th, 2013 at 07:17 PM by Exhottienowaveragejane

  7. ZERO progress, all week down the drain!! NO IDEA WHY!!

    People keep asking if I deviate from the protocol: NO I DO NOT!! I am doing exactly as the protocol says.
    3.5 oz chicken breast (twice I altered it w white fish:tilapia)
    Tomatoe or cucumber or lettuce or steamed spinach as veggie
    1 apple
    Skip melba
    I do that twice a day

    I gained today again. Measurements have been the same, no loss of inches, only today, only half a centimeter of move.

    Last night TOM started BUT during my first round ...
  8. With injured snail speed..

    Yes, scale goes back and forth, progress is none to minimal during this 2nd week. Only 0.5 lbs lost for the last two days.

    First week loss: 10.3 lbs
    Second week loss: 0.5 lbs so far (I have one more day to finish the second week).

    Ridiculous? Definitely. And I don't even know what the explanation for this is. Everybody says something different. I will continue of course but I wish I knew what was going on, the mechanism of it all and if I will be able to lose ...
  9. Dose is still an issue. Scale showed further gain today

    I had to start my day earlier than usual today and jumped on the scale first thing. Showed another 1.3 lbs gain..but I will dismiss it as I wasn't weighing myself at the same time in the day (I fluctuate immensely) but earlier than usual. I did everything by the book AGAIN. I will see what happens tomorrow.

    What is important is that I contacted the manufacturer of my injections ushcginjections.com and I have been told I was getting too low of hcg dose and need to increase it immediately ...
  10. Some of the gains gone today..but only some!!

    I lost some of the pounds gained during those last 3 days...however, far far from a recovery. I am wasting days after days...and I don't even know why exactly. Especially for me who has the biggest fear of needles..it really is a big deal. It took so much from me to inject today, I had to lay down and was dysfunctional with hyperventilation, palpitations, etc..still can't even type right as I am still shaking. My dose was 10IU, 2nd day try of this. But today I was hungry upon rising which I haven't ...
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