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Going Again! Food= Fuel

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Well today is day two of phase one and I am not bleeding. Using a diffrent formula. I am not sleeping though. Not sure why I'm usually a pretty good sleeper. Hoping it will pass. I just really want to finish this race. I know that my process is important so I will do my best to share it here. I have been very inspired by others who have pressed through. Its really not about hunger its about the relationship I have with food. What makes this an extra challange is still cooking foods for my family. But they know my struggle and are helping me fight. My goal is to loose 130 pounds. I'm in it for the long haul. Fall will come and go and so will thanksgiving and christmas. But I give so much of myself to others this has to be for me. My gift to me. And imagine what a gift I can be to others during and after this journey. My husband is 125 soaken wet and i just want to look normal standing next to him. Bless his heart he loves me and my bigness. But I can't love myself fully and give myself fully. So change has arrived. Up until now I have been using food as a comfort and a crutch and a hiding place from now on Food= Fuel!

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