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Heavy period

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So I have a question. I had my period before I started and as soon as I began it came back at first light and now a steady flow and its heavy. I'm not cramping or having any other symptoms. And I feel great. I have lost 15 pounds in 9 days. I'm doing the Homeopathic Drops sublingually. Any advice am I in danger at all?

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  1. PixieStix's Avatar
    I don't think you are in any danger. I had 2 periods on my first round and both were not my "normal" periods, basically I stopped and then started a few days later. The same thing happened on my 2nd period. I timed starting R1 with when my period would come but alas my period came 10 days early which was just a few days after starting HCG. I wouldn't worry, my Mother who has not had a period in 2.5 years (menopause) had a period on HCG as well. We are both fine had great loses and stabilized just fine in our P3 and P4 phases.
    Good Luck