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  1. Round 2 / Day 3 -Starting VLCD


    Ready for the low calorie diet portion of this diet and getting this fat off of me!!

    I started with the Rx shot. Man, they were hurting. I realized that I was with rushing it, putting the fluid in my body in too quickly or pushing it in my skin too deeply. Today I took my time and slowly pushed the fluid in my tummy. It did not hurt.

    So I am up from loading to 104.2! Ugh! But I have to remember that this is just part of the loading process. Unfortunately ...
  2. Wrong product! I had HGH not HCG. Paid $200, when 5000IU is $9

    Man! I am so upset! But ready for action. Took my HCG, so I thought. Looking at the IU's I realized something was not right. Did some digging around and found out that I had HGH, Human Growth Hormone, instead of HCG. I was like "oh man!" Plus I had waited and paid like $200 for this injectible pen.

    So I go back to the pharmacist. He looks at it and says, yes, you are right those are two different things. The personal trainer uses HGH. He goes into the refrigerator in the ...
  3. Back on HCG

    Was down to 167. Looking fly. Over the past 2 years with Emotional eating. Back up to 226. So gained the weight plus 28 lbs. Tired of beating myself up and already past the embarrassment of the whispers of "[email protected]! she gained the weight back and THEN some" Just going back on the diet and getting this weight off of my so I can be fly and happy and not worry about my weight again. Felt so free before, now feel burdened, aside from the fact that none of my clothes fit right.

    Not ...

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