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Back on HCG

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Was down to 167. Looking fly. Over the past 2 years with Emotional eating. Back up to 226. So gained the weight plus 28 lbs. Tired of beating myself up and already past the embarrassment of the whispers of "[email protected]! she gained the weight back and THEN some" Just going back on the diet and getting this weight off of my so I can be fly and happy and not worry about my weight again. Felt so free before, now feel burdened, aside from the fact that none of my clothes fit right.

Not in the US when I live, but in India for work, where I hate the food. So hopefully this will be an easy round.http://hcgdietinfo.com/hcgdietforums...es/biggrin.png

Okay, here we gooooooo!

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  1. bebifal's Avatar
    hi ya!! I know exactly how you feel about having lost the weight, feeling great about yourself and then bam emotional eating due to various things and then gaining the weight back plus some. It sucks big time but thank goodness for determination and hcg. Good Luck!
  2. Ready to be thin's Avatar
    You can do it!!!
  3. Fab@44's Avatar
    Thank you Bebifal and Ready to be thin for your kind/supportive words. Yes, Bebifal. It is the worst kind of feeling because all your friends family are so proud of you for the weight loss, you are looking good and then Bam! You are back to your original weight and/or bigger. So what do you do? Eat some more! LOL!

    Anyway, thank goodness for determination...and mirrors.

    Peace and Love to you! WE CAN do this!!!
  4. bebifal's Avatar
    that's good thing about being on this site, you WILL always have support
  5. Fab@44's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bebifal
    that's good thing about being on this site, you WILL always have support
    Yes, that is true! Thanks bebifal!