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Round 2 / Day 3 -Starting VLCD

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Ready for the low calorie diet portion of this diet and getting this fat off of me!!

I started with the Rx shot. Man, they were hurting. I realized that I was with rushing it, putting the fluid in my body in too quickly or pushing it in my skin too deeply. Today I took my time and slowly pushed the fluid in my tummy. It did not hurt.

So I am up from loading to 104.2! Ugh! But I have to remember that this is just part of the loading process. Unfortunately I can not find a scale that shows pounds, so I have to use this kilogram scale. Tomorrow I will look for a tape measure so I can do my measurements. I had a dress on yesterday and it looked like I had a tire around my stomach. And one around my lower stomach and butt.

Well, back to business. Good luck everyone and ready for action!

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