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Fae's Journey to reach 175lbs by the end of 2011


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Well I keep craving fats/dairy/carbs. Its a mild craving, but sometimes its so hard to deal with. I have had these ups and downs of losing, but so far all losses. I will lose 3 pounds then have only a .4 or .6 six loss then ones and twos again.

I am going back to work tonight, so Im in a weird day. I woke up to a 0.4 loss but I tend to keep my night schedule on off days, because that way I weigh when I wake up for work. So I got up with the kids today, but drank almost a liter of lemon tea, otherwise nothing. I will weigh after my nap and count that weight because that would be my normal weigh in time. On days when I have to go to work, I have to not eat all day, and I try not to eat until 1 am or so for my first meal. I then will not eat my second meal until 530-600 am. I then save one fruit for the ride home, or around 745ish. And a 16 oz cup of tea. The other fruit will be eaten a bit before my lunch, and the other half after if its an apple. Otherwise I save it for after, and just drink tons of water. So, I was hungry this morning, knowing I had this schedule ahead of me, I had to drink tea, and it worked so far.

I have not caved to the cravings yet, but I am taking each day as it comes. My goal is to get through this entire round and not cheat. We adopted an adorable little 3 yr old American Cocker Spaniel a couple of days ago, so I have been walking him. Great excuse to get out and move. My butt hurts! LOL and I wore a blister into my little toe on one foot. Geez. I am hoping this helps aid in the weight loss.

Now off to bed and snooze before starting my week. 3 nights on, 2 off, 3 on again. 12.5 hr shifts. Heres to hoping we have good patients.

GOOD LUCK everyone!

Before the afternoon weigh in...
Loss total thusfar: 15.2 pounds in 9 days
4.7% body gone
average daily loss of -1.7 pounds
to get to 250 by 4/4/11 (end of our Choose To Lose contest at work)
I have to average -0.8 pounds a day. I plan to do a mini cycle like my clinic used to do, only add another load day. So I will finish this round on 2/19, do three days of heavy loading, and keep on trucking through another round. Then I plan to stabilize on 3-4 weeks of p3 and 3-4 weeks of p4. Then I plan to enjoy myself for awhile or get back on another round. Not sure what I will do. Time will tell at that point but for now, get through these two cycled p2's and on thru the p3/p4. Anything beyond that is too far to think of where I will be weight wise, how long I will want to do maintenance, etc.

GOOD LUCK GOOD LOSSES< see you later!!

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