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Fae's Journey to reach 175lbs by the end of 2011


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I GAINED 1.2 pounds today??? UGH. I did not cheat, but I teased my girlfriends from work. One of which will be joining this shortly. I went to breakfast with them before going home. I brought in my bag of apple slices, my stevia and ordered hot herbal tea. I drank two cups, and a portion of the ice water while they stuffed. One was loading for R1P2. I have not cheated this whole round except to eat two more melba toasts a few days ago. HOWEVER... my suspicions are that I only got 3 hours of sleep in between my 12.5 hour shifts. I recieved my iPhone4 and had transferred it to my account, and then when I updated it via iTunes, it wigged out. It took me till two in the afternoon before I could go to sleep. I didn't want to be without a phone. My guess is my body did not have time to relax and slough off the water and burn calories while I rested. I did not increase sodium and I take a ca/mg/k supplement so that has always helped with water balance. I drank adequate water too... can't say I have tonight but there is still time. I also tried putting my scale in like five different areas, all read the exact same weight. Good scale. But bad numbers. LOL.

What are your thoughts? I was so proud that I had no stalls or gains and no cheats.

Taking each day as it comes. Not sure whats up, but not going to waste stress over it. Curious though.

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  1. Feisty's Avatar
    You had a pretty good loss cycle going there.... like a 3 pounder if I remember correctly.... I'd say lack of sleep and a body adjustment. Nothing to worry about. You should keep going down. Keep the faith and stay intent. I quote YOU, "I will lose 3 pounds then have only a .4 or .6 six loss then ones and twos again. " see there?
  2. Sleclerc's Avatar
    Your doing awesome I would presume the lack of sleep and well your losing very fast. Keep up the good work!
  3. Dubbles's Avatar
    We all have occasional up ticks, (at least I do, I did this a.m., up .6) but the scales will go back down if u stick to protocol. Hang in there. U've done so well. Lack of sleep may be contributing factor, though.