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Fae's Journey to reach 175lbs by the end of 2011


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I am down 0.6 lbs today. My weight loss is slowwwinnggg. Not like being smaller is a bad thing, Its certainly a good thing. I have not cheated!! Oh wait, not since I had two and a half cashews without thinking the other day. I am drinking all the water required every day so far including load days.

I am not fighting hunger. I am fighting TOM. Not my friend. I have been waiting for five months to get a hysterectomy or a uterine ablation, but every time they call I am bleeding. I bleed for 2 weeks sometimes. Sometimes I have a one week TOM then a 3 day TOM a couple weeks later. DBL UGH. I am only 34 but I go to sleep cold freezing and wake up hotter than Hades kicking off covers in the middle of the night, sweating. I want TOM to GO AWAY and STAY AWAY! lol, but because I can't have hormone therapy I need to look at ablation first. Ovaries have been known to fail post hysterectomy of unknown etiology and I don't want to risk that. So ablation is my first choice. Until then, TOM and I will continue our battle as all women have for millennia. haha.

I am having a hard time making myself eat. I could go without eating anything at all, no hunger. Just drinking water. I make myself consume my 500 calories though like a wee little trooper. Not wee really, puffy, rotund but still cute if I do say so myself despite the inflammation I am obviously dealing with... lol.

Well I have lost 2.7% of my body as of yesterday (I am at work writing early am).

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