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Extended Round (VLCD 41,42,43,44)

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Well, as I mentioned previously, I am extending my round since I still have hHcg drops left in my bottle. I tell you this bottle seems never-ending! I imagine it will only last a few more days. So I am plugging away in P2, I am down two clothing sizes, feeling fine, not hating my food selection, and whittling away the pounds and inches. Last night I received my FIRST weight related compliment from someone other than my husband. WOW- I had to lose 25 pounds before someone noticed... incredible!
Starting weight 211.4 lbs.
R1P1 (loading) + 2.6 lbs
R1P2 Week 1 = - 6.4 pounds (+ 2.6 loading gain)
R1P2 Week 2 = - 4.0 pounds
R1P2 Week 3 = - 4.0 pounds
R1P2 Week 4 = - 3.0 pounds (TOM)
R1P2 Week 5 = - 2.0 pounds
R1P2 Week 6 = - 4.0 pounds
VLCD43 (3/4/12) 185.6 lbs. (-0.6)
VLCD44 (3/5/12) 185.4 lbs. (-0.2)
Total = 26 pounds

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  1. Loul29's Avatar
    Congratulations on such incredible weight loss! I was wondering if you took the drops everyday or held off for one day every week to prevent your body from becoming immune to the drops? Thanks!
  2. Faithful's Avatar
    Yes, I have taken my homeopathic Hcg drops every single day, 3 times per day. A round is suppose to be 40 days and then move into P3. I am just going a little longer to finish up my open bottle of drops. Since I am still losing weight and not starving, I guess it is OK.
  3. Loul29's Avatar
    Thank you. I was wondering because I may go for a 40 day round instead of a 30 day round because of a cheat. Hope its going well!
  4. photogfrog's Avatar
    Well done!!! 2 clothing sizes is awesome!!!