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Gain (vlcd45)

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Today I had my first big gain... one whole pound. I have been on this diet 45 days and not once have I gained back this much. I have had a few small bounces +0.2 or +0.4, and I have stalled for a while, but never this kind of gain. WHY?
Here are some possible causes:
1) I ate steamed zucchini with tomatoes and beef. Zucchini is not on protocol, but I had it once before without trouble. Beef with tomato causes problems for some people.
2) I ate lettuce and tomatoes with chicken for dinner. Mixing lettuce and tomato is usually not a problem for me, but tomatoes twice in the same day...maybe the culpruit.
3) I ate an extra serving of chicken at 10pm because I felt hungry.
4) My total for the day was around 600 calories.
5) I stayed up much later than usually last night and did not have a restful sleep. I am tired today and have a headache.
6) It could be premenstral bloat. TOM is due in about 5 days. (this also may explain the extra fatigue and hunger)
7) I am on VLCD 45, maybe my body is in rebellion! It is tired and ready for a break.

What has your experience been? What do you think caused the gain?
I am not too concerned and hoping it will drop back off tomorrow, but I like to learn from these occassions.

Homeopathic HCG drops
Starting weight 211.4 lbs.
R1P1 (loading) + 2.6 lbs
R1P2 Week 1 = - 6.4 pounds (+ 2.6 loading gain)
R1P2 Week 2 = - 4.0 pounds
R1P2 Week 3 = - 4.0 pounds
R1P2 Week 4 = - 3.0 pounds (TOM)
R1P2 Week 5 = - 2.0 pounds
R1P2 Week 6 = - 4.0 pounds
VLCD43 (3/4/12) 185.6 lbs. (-0.6)
VLCD44 (3/5/12) 185.4 lbs. (-0.2)
VLCD45 (3/6/12) 186.4 lbs. (+1.0)

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  1. Sam_Goldie's Avatar
    How did it go, did it drop back off?
  2. Faithful's Avatar
    Yes, it came off the next day. Today I started P3 at 183.6 pounds.