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End of P3

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It has been 3 week since my last dose of hHcg drops. My weight has been up and down almost daily. Week 1 = +1.2, Week 2 = -1.2, Week 3 = +1.2 lbs. UP - DOWN - UP .... I never know what to expect the scale to read in the morning I admit, I have not been a perfect saint on P3. I have eaten some sugars and starches, which the scale promptly reveals the next morning.
For example, yesterday there was a birthday boy in the house complete with special meals and homemade chocolate cake with ice cream. I enjoyed a single serving of cake and a few Tbsp of quality vanilla ice cream. During the day, I had one square of dark chocolate, a few handfuls of lightly salted peanuts, and a few servings of Famous Dave's (truly awesome!) sweet and spicy pickle chips. I also ate 3 regular meals including 2 eggs w/ veggies and cheese for breakfast, grilled pork chop and steamed cauliflower, and a strawberry yogurt protein shake. I felt good throughout the day; neither over indulgent or deprived. This morning the scale was up 1.6 pounds! *sigh*
As I move into P4, I don't really see my eating habits changing too much. I will try to keep my protein and veggies intake high, while keeping carbs low - mostly in the form of low glycemic fruits. I have a suspicion this will need to be a life long way of eating for me. However, I hope my body can tolerate a treat or two along the way!

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  1. emross82's Avatar
    sounds like a plan, i think the point of p3 is to just slowly add stuff in and not go above the 2 pounds so we dont go buck wild. I dont think a sugar treat or small starch is going to blow it as long as you stay within the 2 pounds. Now I was p3 perfect my first round. i checked labels as an OCD person would. however I dont know if i will be this round. it drives me mental. im going to do mainly low carb and low sugar and treat ( very small) if I need to. most of the time when i allow a time room for a treat, i dont want it as much. Mind tricks are so fun.
  2. mcrider1996's Avatar
    To me it sounds like you are doing great. You are staying within the -2 +2 pds on P3 like it says you should do.