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Starting Round 2

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Round 1, P3 & P4 went well. I maintained within my last dose range, however I did bounced up and down quite a bit. So now it is time to start Round 2. Loading today and tomorrow (May 5-6) VLCD will start on May 7. Planning on doing at least 40 days with the goal of dropping 20 pounds, but more would be OK with me

Today I will be loading with lots of fat and very little sugar and carbs. Of course, today I do not feel very hungry and feel sick at the thought of gorging myself When I have "permission" to eat at ton of food I don't want it, but when it is "off-limits" I want it even more... go figure!

R1 (1/19/12) start weight: 211.4 lbs.
Total lost R1 = 27.8 lbs.
R1 maintenance range: 183-187 lbs.

R2 (5/5/12) start weight: 184.0 lbs.

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  1. Cpow's Avatar
    You might want to join one of these threads: "BEGINNING ROUND 2 - With 80+ to loose, Come join the Journey" or "Come one come all, lets continue to share our journeys!!" I have found they very encouraging. I'm 12 days into Round 2... 13 pounds down so far! I'm thrilled! Hope your R2 works as well for you!