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Stubborn or Stupid? (P3 day 16)

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Why, oh why, do I eat the way I do?
I have gained 4 pounds in 3 days! YIKES!!! I have not been binging or eating tons of food. I have been tasting this treat or having a potato for dinner. Grazing through my day, a cookie here and a square of dark chocolate there and a bowl of ice cream before bed. I am not following P3 protocol. I am being lazy and allowing my desires to dictate my diet. I need to stop being so foolish and get it through my thick skull that I CAN NOT eat this way! I know I can discipline myself. I had a great P2 and lost nearly 28 pounds. I can't allow myself to blow it now. I am doing a steak correction day today. I need to keep trying and NEVER give up!

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  1. mofrodabetta's Avatar
    Try writing down what you eat thru the day..sometimes having it in front of you makes you realize what you are doing and the more you write the more you might be able to realize that you are not hungry.. You may also want to look further into why you are eating what you are eating..you know you don't need it so what is making you want it? Is it comfort for something bigger that is going on..the sooner you can figure it out the sooner you have control of it! Good luck!