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It is Time for Transition (VLCD46)

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I just decided this morning... I am done! Today I am not taking my hHcg drops. I will have two days of VLCD and then take the plunge into P3! I am getting crabby, tired, and hungry. Most likely because I am expecting TOM this weekend. It just feels like a good time to end this first round. I am going to try stabilizing around 185 pounds. I have lost 26 pounds and I am very happy with the progress my body is making. I lost 5 inches from my waist and 3 inches from my hips.
My tentative plan for now is to be in P3 until the end of the month and then P4 next month. I will probably start another round in the beginning of May and try to shed another 20 pounds.

Starting weight 211.4 lbs.
R1P1 (loading) + 2.6 lbs
R1P2 Week 1 = - 6.4 pounds (+ 2.6 loading gain)
R1P2 Week 2 = - 4.0 pounds
R1P2 Week 3 = - 4.0 pounds
R1P2 Week 4 = - 3.0 pounds (TOM)
R1P2 Week 5 = - 2.0 pounds
R1P2 Week 6 = - 4.0 pounds
VLCD43 (3/4/12) 185.6 lbs. (-0.6)
VLCD44 (3/5/12) 185.4 lbs. (-0.2)
VLCD45 (3/6/12) 186.4 lbs. (+1.0) Last day on drops!
VLCD46 (3/7/12) 185.4 lbs. (-1.0)
Total = 26 pounds

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  1. New Me Soon's Avatar
    good job...yea 46 days is long...I only do 25 day rounds. It is hard on the body...good luck in P3!
  2. Loul29's Avatar
    That's awesome! I bet that required a lot of hard work and effort but I see it is totally worth it from your success. You have allowed me to think that a 40 day round IS possible! I had my doubts because its just so HARD the first two weeks! Let us know how P3 works out for you! Wish you the best!
  3. Faithful's Avatar
    NewMeSoon: I had planned a 40 day round on my homeopathic drops, but since I was feeling good and still losing I decided to keep going for a few more days, in order to use up my open bottle of drops.

    Loul29: This is the easiest and fastest way I have ever lost 26 pounds! If you set your mind to it and stay focused it does get easier. I just sort of fell into a daily routine and kept eating the same 4 or 5 meals over and over and over....before I knew it 40 days were over! You Can Do It Too!