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Back on Track (P3d13)

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After going a little crazy for a few days and gaining a few pounds , I did two correction days and went back to P3 protocol eating. VIOLA! The last four days I have experienced great losses, even better than my first week of P2! I am happily back at my low P2 ending weight!

Today, I was searching through my closet for smaller sized clothes. I realized that I could easily fit into skirts that did not fit last time I was at this weight, which was about a year and a half ago. The Hcg diet really does pull from those abnormal fat stores around the abdomen and hips! So glad I tried this diet... it is awesome!

Starting weight (01/19/12) 211.4 lbs.
TOTAL LOST for Round 1 = 27.8 pounds
P3 start weight 183.6 pounds (last dose range 183-187)
P3 Week 1 (3/9 - 3/15) 184.8 lbs. (+1.2)
P3 day 9 (3/18/12) 188.4 lbs. (+++)
P3 day 10 (3/19/12) 187.0 lbs. (-1.4) after correction steak day
P3 day 11 (3/20/12) 185.6 lbs. (-1.4)
P3 day 12 (3/21/12) 184.4 lbs. (-1.2) after correction steak day
P3 day 13 (3/22/12) 183.6 lbs. (-0.8)

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  1. Woodrow's Avatar
    I know its a bit late but what I found out when I did my stabilizing days for 6 weeks, is that I could have a glass or bottle of wine after about 4 weeks with no gain, I still stuck to eating what I was supposed to for the no sugar no carbs. And I did not include them that much, once a week maybe, but I read that alochol over a certain percentage contains little to NO carbohydrates, but I am talking whiskey, vodka, tequila, nothing that is flavored afer words and no mixed drinks (obviously). And I took what Dr. Simeons said to heart, with the food and stablizing etc... I do it all the way he said or not at all. thats just the way I am. I did though have one hot dog or hamburger at a cook out and I was lucky enough to not gain, but then again unfortunately men tend to do better on this diet, possibly because we never have hcg naturally in our system...
    Anyway congratulations on the correction, it puts us down when we see the scale corrulate to what we eat, especially when things are so tasty.