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UPDATE - Phase 3 Day 10

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It has been an interesting ten days! After being super careful during P2, I started P3 strong, but quickly spiraled out of control

Days 1-5 went well. I had a small gain the first week, which is common when starting P3. I had a plan to introduce new foods every three days. I don't exactly know what happened, but somewhere along the way, I started to forget about protocol.
Things really turned bad on Day 6. I baked cookies and of course had to try one... or five!
Days 7 and 8 we took a weekend road trip to attend a wedding and visit friends. Traveling does not agree with me! I ate whatever was offered to me and snacked on cookies and candies for quick energy while driving....UGH!!! I did not enjoy the "splurge" and it made me feel sick and guilty... why, oh why, do I do such foolish things??? Needless to say, I gained weight.
Yesterday, I did a steak correction day and was down 1.4 this morning. I had a headache ALL night and it is continuing today, probably sugar withdrawl. I am going to behave myself this week. I PROMISE!!! No sugars and starches, lots of water! Hopefully, I can make it down to around 185 or lower again.
I don't feel discouraged, just disappointed. I am back on track now and hopefully will remain faithful in P3 until the end of the month!

Starting weight (01/19/12) 211.4 lbs.
TOTAL LOST for Round 1 = 27.8 pounds
P3 start weight 183.6 pounds (last dose range 183-187)
P3 Week 1 (3/9 - 3/15) 184.8 lbs. (+1.2)
P3 day 9 (3/18/12) 188.4 lbs. (+++)
P3 day 10 (3/19/12) 187.0 lbs. (-1.4)

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  1. Kellep's Avatar
    Good for you for learning from the experience and getting right back at it. I think it is a journey and there will be bumps in the road along the way, but if we learn from them and correc them that will make all the difference. So kudos for getting back on track. Now you know that sugar makes you feel sick too, that will help avoid it. :-)
  2. Susi Ellem's Avatar
    I am glad you are back in track and hanging in there!!
    Take care