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Help Please!!!

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Hello everyone my name is Steven. I am fairly new to this site, which I believe is extremely important for support of this lifestyle change. I am new to this diet and the different phases. I started the plan on November 1st with the two load days. So, on Nov 3 I began the next phase, from what I understood you are only allowed to lose 40 lbs if you are considered grotesquely obese. I want to lose a total of about 145 lbs so I guess I am considered to be in the category. I reached 35 lbs on Nov. 27th so I decided to start to transition into Phase 3 with the next 3 days without the drops, which brought my total weight loss to 38 lbs. I am very apprehensive about what I should eat now because of there not being a set menu to choose from. I have a hybrid orange/grapefruit tree, and I peeled the fruit but only ate two slices. I am very fearful of gaining any of that weight back. I will fight to not only be healthier, but I will fight to be smaller because I have been plump all of my life. Please Help!!! Ps I am walking 6 days a week, if that helps.

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  1. nsbrown76's Avatar
    No need to fret. All P2 foods are on the list, of course. Add the rest of the meats. A most fruits (except Bananas and starchy fruits). You can eat dairy (milk, cheeses, creams, etc) , most nuts (not peanuts). Stay away from breads, rice and pasta and I would still limit sugar as much as possible. You can also use oils and butter for cooking now.

    Stay on P3 for at least 3 weeks before starting another round.
  2. mundanearm's Avatar
    need to worry. Naturally, all P2 foods are listed. Add remaining meats. Most fruits (excluding bananas and starchy fruits). Dairy and most nuts (not peanuts) are allowed. Avoid sweets and breads, grains, and pasta. Oils and butter are now culinary ingredients.
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