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  1. Yucky Meat & Veggies

    I am seriously on the verge of tears.
    My weight loss has been great.
    BUT. I can not stand another bite of chicken.
    I do like my 96% lean hamburgers with mustard, though.
    I love fruit.
    I hate vegetables without anything on them (dressing) to make them taste good.

    I am down to one meal, and that is the hamburger with mustard... I still love the fruit. But honestly the vegetables are so hard for me to choke down.
    Can I do a protein shake instead ...
  2. Please Respond. :(

    I FEEL HORRIBLE!! This is day 4 of vlcd and last night I was really sick. I shook it off and thought it would get better once I woke up. WRONG! I feel sick, like throwing up. The worst part is; I can't throw up. I have tried, nothing is coming up. (Sorry, tmi.) I had some celery for supper last night...and I can still taste it this morning. (NEVER EATING CELERY AGAIN) haha.

    Will this go away? Did you experience this? I have lost 9 pounds AND 12 inches so far which is incredible. ...
  3. My Eyes Are Open

    *sigh* I have been through a lot these last few days. All I can say is that I am so grateful for this site. This is my fallback for whenever I feel hungry. I come on this site and do some researching, and I see that almost everyone succeeds at this diet, which gives me all of my motivation back.

    Yesterday was really hard. I'm not sure why I didn't realize this sooner, but being on the HCG diet and working at a grocery store DON'T MIX! And of course everyone decides to get cookies, ...
  4. Relationship eating is over!

    Believe it or not, I didn't gain the freshmen 15 my first year of college. I actually LOST 20 pounds.... that is until I met my wonderful boyfriend. We have now been dating for about 9 months...and those months were filled with many Applebees, BWW, Red Robin, Olive Garden, type of visits. I still remember the first time I ate out with him at Olive Garden....I thought to myself, "don't do this... it is only one time but it will turn out to be more.." Well, I should have listened! But, ...