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Please Respond. :(

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I FEEL HORRIBLE!! This is day 4 of vlcd and last night I was really sick. I shook it off and thought it would get better once I woke up. WRONG! I feel sick, like throwing up. The worst part is; I can't throw up. I have tried, nothing is coming up. (Sorry, tmi.) I had some celery for supper last night...and I can still taste it this morning. (NEVER EATING CELERY AGAIN) haha.

Will this go away? Did you experience this? I have lost 9 pounds AND 12 inches so far which is incredible. But I know my boyfriend's patience is wearing thin. He wants to quit. He wants me to quit because the symptoms I'm experiencing are hell. Bless him.

I REALLY DON'T WANT TO QUIT. I love this diet. The vegetables are hard to choke down, though. :/

I do want to stick it out.. I really do. I just need hope that it will get better.. Is it possible that I am just detoxing?

Also, my eyes hurt. Head hurts. Stomach hurts. Heart seems to be beating fast.. I need some motivation please... My boyfriend and I both feel dizzy. We are sticking to a strict protocol, and both end up around 400 calories.. I'm not sure how to up it to 500, without adding more protein. (I use chicken tenderloin for my protein, and even though the scale says 100, it really is barely any chicken. It is a small chicken strip. (I have a cheap scale from Walmart-mainstay brand)

I just feel like I am doing something wrong. I am not hungry, so that's good... actually I have no desire to eat. (Because I don't feel good)

I'm sorry for this rant....I just need to know that it will all get better after my first 10 days. I need reassurance.

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  1. mntnharleygirl's Avatar
    I'm not really sure what to say, I would guess detoxing. The first week is always the worst for me, but I have days thoughout the program. Usually for me, increasing the protien helps. Are you getting enough water?
  2. LynneR's Avatar
    If you are used to eating processed foods, I would say you are detoxing. All those food additives are like drugs, so when you go through withdrawal you can have all kinds of symptoms, like hyperactivity, sore joints, headaches, rash etc. I take a detox remedy called Heel Detox Kit, available on the internet for about $40 us. It contains 3 bottles, and I put ten drops from each bottle into a 16 oz bottle of water, and drink from the bottle 4 to 6 times a day. It is to detox the liver from the toxins being released from the fat. Also, I take milk thistle. Not sure I need both, but want to have a squeaky clean liver. I think you will feel much better in a few days. Good luck.

    For the chicken, I buy chicken tenders as well, and 3.5 oz (which is the same as 100 grams) gives me about 4 or 5 pieces of meat. I migth take two huge tomatoes and make tomato soup with cayenne, stevia, salt, pepper, garlic, and that is my meal, and it is plenty of food. McDonald's quarter pounder hamburgers are 4 oz raw (probably 3 oz cooked), so can that help you guage if your chicken serving is approximately the same size? If not, consider the weight of the meat when you buy it (not counting the packaging), and how that translates to your servings. THat should help you determine if your food scale is fairly accurate.
  3. fballgurl4's Avatar
    Thank you so much for the fast replies! I am definitely used to eating processed foods. For awhile in college I lost 20 pounds from eating only SmartOnes Tv dinners...

    Thank you for the information. I will drink more water today, even though I have been drinking 3 liters of water everyday not to mention the tea and coffee.

    4 or 5 pieces of meat? Like 4 pieces of the chicken strips? I watched a youtube video and the lady said that she had 3. THAT WOULD BE A DRASTIC DIFFERENCE. I only have one piece for each meal.
  4. curvygirl63's Avatar
    If you only have one piece for each meal - you are not eating enough. I might have viewed the same vlog on YouTube and I took three chicken breast strips and weighted them myself and 3 pieces is about the right serving size. One piece is WAY to little protein on this program.

    Another thing to consider is - What foods did you load on during Day 1 and Day 2 of Phase 1 [with your HCG dose]? If it was mostly sweets and not enough good fats like avocado, steak, ice cream, rice, etc. -- that could be the problem as well. On my first round, I loaded up on mostly sweets and paid for it during the first week of VLCD.

    What form of HCG are you taking - drops, injections or pellets? I've done all three and I like injections best, then pellets and I didn't have the best drops. If you take drops, some may suggest that you test it on a pregnancy test. A 'positive' means your product is good.

    You could also just be getting sick and if it gets worse, I'd break from the HCG until your body is at 100%. You don't need anything to get in the way of your focus since this protocol is hard enough. It's worth it but you need to have your head in the game.

    Good luck and I hope you get better soon.
    Updated October 8th, 2012 at 01:23 PM by curvygirl63