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Relationship eating is over!

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Believe it or not, I didn't gain the freshmen 15 my first year of college. I actually LOST 20 pounds.... that is until I met my wonderful boyfriend. We have now been dating for about 9 months...and those months were filled with many Applebees, BWW, Red Robin, Olive Garden, type of visits. I still remember the first time I ate out with him at Olive Garden....I thought to myself, "don't do this... it is only one time but it will turn out to be more.." Well, I should have listened! But, that's okay because now I have found HCG!!
My boyfriend is doing this journey with me which makes everything so much easier for me. We will probably both be irritable until we see some weight loss. The first loading day was very difficult for me, I wasn't hungry and had to force myself to eat. Yesterday, the last loading day, was so miserable! I was so full and honestly had the mindset that I never want to eat those foods again!!
So, here I am, at 237.4 pounds, drinking away at my stevia flavored coffee. Hopefully my dosage is right so I don't get too hungry today. I also bought a liter bottle of water that I will be filling up at least 3 times today with my lovely britta water. Wish me luck ya'll, even though with my George Foreman, I don't think I'll need much of it.

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  1. MsPattyJo's Avatar
    I hear ya - dating is killer for the waiste line! So cool you guys are doing this together! I won't say goodluck since you won't need it - just congratulations for starting your journey! It works!
  2. fballgurl4's Avatar
    Thank you very much! Yes, the luck statement was definitely a bad joke. I will need it, so thanks!

    How long have you been on HCG? Care to share your results? :P
  3. MsPattyJo's Avatar
    I am on my 4th round since Jan 5th and am down 74.4 lbs. Just 3 lbs from my goal weight!!! This works - never give up!