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Yucky Meat & Veggies

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I am seriously on the verge of tears.
My weight loss has been great.
BUT. I can not stand another bite of chicken.
I do like my 96% lean hamburgers with mustard, though.
I love fruit.
I hate vegetables without anything on them (dressing) to make them taste good.

I am down to one meal, and that is the hamburger with mustard... I still love the fruit. But honestly the vegetables are so hard for me to choke down.
Can I do a protein shake instead of chicken?

I know I'm being a whiny baby, but I can see how this works for people who love the food on the protocol.
I just don't. How do I get past this

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  1. Newjulie's Avatar
    Hey Gurl --- buck up --- lots of other foods to eat.

    Do you like the taste of lemon or tomato or onions?

    You can make
    cube steak with sauteed onions
    dice the leftover cube steak and sautee in a can of tomatoes (check ingredients --- just tomatoes or dice fresh) with basil and oregano
    Fish? I so the same as above with tilapia (I cook the frozen ones. )
    Tilapia or shrimp or cod or scallops on a bed of fresh baby spinach with fresh lemon.
    London Broil sliced on a bed of lettuce --- lemon for flavor!

    I also use the tomatoes with chicken stock and diced chicken and spinach for a relly yummy soup!
    Hope some of this helps.
  2. shelby312's Avatar
    put lemon and salt on your cucumbers and celery! put lemon juice and fred's hot sauce on your arugala salad
  3. SipRedWine's Avatar
    Get a bottle of Balsamic Vinegar (no sugar added) and mix in 1TB garlic powder, 1TB of Lemon Pepper (sugar free), 1TB of dried minced onions and 2 packets of Stevia. Shake and store in the fridge! You can add it to cucumbers and chicken! Nom Nom! You can put it with tomatoes and fresh basil! YUM! You can put it on salad! It is 28 calories per 1TB serving which goes a LONG way!

    Sautee some celery with some veggie broth, garlic and black pepper and add your chicken to that... Kind of like black pepper chicken at Panda Express!
  4. Sogdiana5's Avatar
    I have made a dressing the otehr day that both I and my BF liked:
    Organic Dijon mustard (allowed in P2) , fresh Orange Juice and Fresh Lemon Juice, salt and pepper. It was very good on a salad!
  5. luckyshots's Avatar
    Try buying white balsamic vinegar. It costs a bit more but good on salads and vegetables and only takes a few drops. Also seasons on vegetables makes a huge difference. Try Herbs de Provence and or even just fresh dill and see if they perk up your interest.
  6. captncrunch's Avatar
    I make a rogue dressing that's just half coconut oil (not a type that has a strong coconut flavor, a more neutral one that the package recommends is good for cooking), and half braggs liquid aminos...It's really tasty, I have about 2 teaspoons a day, and i find CO helps my losses, but that's not per protocol so it depends on your body. Also, have you tried protein shakes, or 0% fage? Flounder is really great with garlic salt and broiled, it's got a bit more fat, also orange roughy is a very hearty fish that's satisfying. If you wan't a bit more flavour I've also had sucess with 93% gb, sauteed in a non-stick pan sometimes with CO.

    After a while I got sick and tired of veggies, so I only had them sometimes with a meal that was actual meat. If you like mushrooms i also wen't rogue and had those canned and still had good losses....

    ** Most of my suggestions are rogue and are not on protocol so there is a degree of risk in trying them, for some it helps loses, some make no difference, some it slows, but for me these all really helped**
  7. MrsKingers's Avatar
    I am so glad I read this. I too am in need of ideas. I did not think we could have balsamic vinegar. It says CIDER vinegar. I am so getting some now. I also did not think we could have MUSTARD. i do not see that anywhere on any lists of accepted foods. I'm hungry just thinking about some of the options listed here. Thank you peeps!!!