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  1. Leptin Diet Plan

    Quote Originally Posted by Steveo View Post
    Margie... I have the book, 'Mastering Leptin' by Byron Richards... his timing is very similar and not as strict. He does have cites for the things in there. I haven ever read how long he says it will take to gain Leptin Sensitivity... Here is his rules... they seem reasonable:

    1 - Don't eat after dinner. Finish dinner at least 3 hours before going to bed. Allow 11-12 hours between dinner and breakfast.
    2 - Eat 3 meals a day. Allow 5-6 hours between meals. NO SNACKING!
  2. Just in case

    BF: 4 egg omelette with green peppers, red peppers, onion and chedder cheese made in butter
    Coffee: Americano, steamed breve, 2 splenda

    Lunch: 4 oz chicken breast with provolone cheese melted on top
    3 hard boiled eggs

    Snack: Dannon plain greek yogurt 3.5 oz size (added blueberries)
    1 hard boiled egg

    Dinner: (ate at 5pm) 1 beef patty with cheese and all the yummy toppings. no condiments except mustard

    So I ate (8) eggs ...
  3. The Fathers Love Letter

    You may not know me, but I know everything about you — Psalm 139:1 ......
    I know when you sit down and when you rise up — Psalm 139:2 ......
    I am familiar with all your ways — Psalm 139:3 ......
    Even the very hairs on your head are numbered — Matthew 10:29-31 ......
    For you were made in my image — Genesis 1:27 ......
    In me you live and move and have your being. Acts 17:28 ......
    For you are my offspring — Acts 17:28 ...... ...
  4. Oh a little lesson on keeping the kiddo's safe.

    Just want to take a sec and say for those of you with small young ones... Friday while I was at work DS and daddy were outside playing. DS wanted an ice cicle sword and daddy wasn't quick enough so he helped himself. A HUGE chunk of ice fell on him as he pulled the 'sword' off the eaves. He has one hell of a shiner and bruises and cuts on his forhead, his cheek, and scariest of all, the worst of the abrasions are on his upper and lower eyelid. We are so fortunate he managed to get that eye closed ...

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  5. What to do on a snow day*warning food talk*

    Well it's snowing out..... More snow than I've EVER seen in Arkansas and I've been living here off and on since 95. Still coming down in buckets. So....... What am I doing?
    I have the prettiest pot of chicken soup going. Took My bag of chicken loins and put the ones that looked either too big or too small for P2 and threw them in the pot with nice big pieces of celery, onion, and red radishes...I'll shave a little carrot in there when I'ts almost done to get a little ...
  6. Another DS moment sponsored by A Thinner Me

    I was playing with my DS yesterday. On the floor which happens more and more now that I can get up easier. And I laid down. On my side and played that way, Then I rolled over on my back and we had a tickle fest. Doesn't seem so odd but actually laying on the floor has been extremely painful for me the last few years even on my side I'd feel like my weight was crushing me. I've felt like the weight loss is also changing my back which is to be expected but laying on my back it felt like the ...
  7. Experimental eating day results.

    Let me preface this by saying that I am well aware that there are some that believe I have lost my mind approaching my 'new' found dairy sensitivity in this manner. Please understand I do not recommend the following to anyone. The Dairy experiment was brought on by desperation and could have just as easily been a total disaster.
    So, The ONLY thing different from this P3 and the Last P3 was the addition of Fage (greek yogurt). I have always been taught that Yogurt is Good for your stomach. ...

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  8. An experimental eating day

    Concerning my new Dairy Sensitivity.

    Today has turned into an experiment day. Call me crazy but I figured one more day of the trots was worth knowing.
    Today's Menu.
    2 eggs
    Fresh creamy mozarella, cottage cheese, cheddar cheese,
    2 slices lean pork
    Right now I'm drinking coffee with whole cream.
    Small Chocolate Toffee Snow Cream Shake
    Dinner 1 egg & 3 whites sour cream and salsa, Found some 3 cheese Blend and some Feta I sprinkled ...

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  9. RD2/P3 Food Blog

    Well might as well get this thing going.
    OK, This entire blog is a total Bust as evidenced in the experimental eating day blog. But I'm leaving it as a reminder because I was sooooo far off base it wasn't funny and hopefully it will remind me to be open minded.
    1st week is going down as a total loss. up .6 over LDW. Foods added in were butter, Flax seed meal, Sour Cream, Salsa, Mozarella, Fage ...

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  10. Loose to Cruise

    Hello my friends.

    I'm about to embark on what could be a touchy subject for some of you but...... I'm hoping this will help a few of you with perspective in the near future and in your long range future. There was a thread regarding this type of thing over on the forums but I wanted to bring it here. I love you all and I just want to offer some "food for thought"

    We see a lot of that here..... I want to weigh such n such before this or that event happens. ...

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