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Just in case

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BF: 4 egg omelette with green peppers, red peppers, onion and chedder cheese made in butter
Coffee: Americano, steamed breve, 2 splenda

Lunch: 4 oz chicken breast with provolone cheese melted on top
3 hard boiled eggs

Snack: Dannon plain greek yogurt 3.5 oz size (added blueberries)
1 hard boiled egg

Dinner: (ate at 5pm) 1 beef patty with cheese and all the yummy toppings. no condiments except mustard

So I ate (8) eggs in total, got my meat in with the lean chicken and beef as well as my yogurt. I ate all day, didn't starve myself, drank 2 liters of water for a total of 1114 calories. Carbs= 8% Fat= 51% Protein= 41%

Next day lost 3.0 lbs.

afm today's menu was again mostly P2 foods. Greek with blueberries for breakfast, apple and chicken salad for lunch, taco salad with no shell for dinner.

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