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Getting Ready!!!

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Well, I am getting ready! I will be loading this weekend on Sunday and Monday. I have everything I need and plan on cooking my lunches for the week over the weekend. I am so excited! My husband is a bit of a worry wart over the hcg coming from India. I told him even if I bought it from a pharmacy here, it all probably still comes from India. I'm sure he will stop worrying when I start shrinking. He is taking on some new sidework so he will be able to buy me some new clothes. Now that is what I call support! Heee Heee.

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  1. wendii7545's Avatar
    Tell your husband "no Worries" from India. My sis and I have been on the injections for 8 days, and we haven't grown any new appendages. LOL I am down 8 lbs and my sis 7. We are doing good ! I've cheated a lil bit because of the hunger. Most days I'm not hungry maybe we will adjust this week. Good luck to you.