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day one phase 2

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Can I get any hungrier? Well I did my green tea this am and for lunch at about 12:45 I had a plum tomato with salt pepper and distilled vinager and a baked piece of tilapia I just had a snack of a cup of strawberries and I swear I feel famished. Ill have dinner about 4:45 because I have to coach my daughters soccer team this evening. My weight ended up at 183.6 I definitely had a field day loading smh. But today is a new day. By the way I have been heading to the rr a bunch lol it must be the hcg

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  1. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    The hunger gets better everyday! I'm living in the bathroom!
  2. Carol-Marie's Avatar
    You also have to check the dosage of hcg; it can be too low or too high! Good luck; I promise it will get better!!!!
  3. Debegrace's Avatar
    The first week is rough! But you can do this,
  4. finallyhappy's Avatar
    Thanks ladies! I love how supporting you are yay lol. But my dosage is ten drops before breakfast and ten before dinner do you think that is to many I use some I got from my doctor they are sublingual made by apothe cure . Ladies I'm so lost I have to start over tomorrow to the t BC my doctors office. Gave me a protocol sheet that said I can eat an orange which I did smh and it says I can eat canned tuna I'm so upset
  5. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    I agree the first week is the worst. In the second week, you will find that the small portions aren't that bad. Around that time, I actually lost my appetite and had to remind myself to eat! lol I've NEVER had that problem before. I do the injections, so I can't give you advice about the drops.
  6. Johnnie Kay Lipsius's Avatar
    I do hhcg bought over the net 10 drops three times a day. In eating oranges and tuna by choice.
  7. finallyhappy's Avatar
    Ladies I woke up a pound lighter this am! Johnnie I am not sure of I want to do the tuna because I hear it is really fatty but the oranges I'm going to eat because I purchased them already :/ lol but I will say today is a better day. I still am getting headaches hopefully they will subside soon