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missing my support group

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Hi everyone sorry I haven't blogged in a while just researching and preparing myself for this weekend when I will be loading. I am totally on an emotional tller coaster with this weight issue. Of course if I could snap my fingers and he 140 I'd he so happy. I understand this takes hard work and dedication so I'm up for the challenge. The only thing I am truly afraid of is out vacation that is planned in July the first through the 6th and that should be my p4 help

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  1. happydj's Avatar
    You've planned your hcg with perfect timing, right before P4! After LIW, I spent P3 working out, eatting right and dropping a few extra 'insurance' lbs since I knew I would gain a few over the vacay...and I did. Luckily with the 'insurance' lbs I started Round2 only 1 lb OVER LIW. You can do it to. Try not to get overwhelmed, lean on the support of this blog and forum...there are so really AMAZING folks here!