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tomorrow is phase 2 SCARED LOL

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First I have to say I love this place everyone is so supportive honest and kind ! Thanks so much for this. I have definitely enjoyed these loading days. I'm trying to see if I want anything else before tomorrow lol I bought a bunch of fresh produce and fish so I'm going to start cooking and preping my foods. I like to cook my spinach and cabbage in chicken broth is that ok ? I want to follow protocol to the letter but anywho I am so excited thank you to my new friends

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  1. PixieStix's Avatar
    I know this place is a great source of support, I am so grateful to the people who started this community!
    Chicken broth is not protocol, I know a lot of people use it with no problems at all, I have not dared try it I tend to follow the protocol exactly.
    Good luck to you
  2. Butterfly1012's Avatar
    I've used the 99% fat-free chicken broth and didn't have any issues. Don't worry about P2, you will do just fine!!! Good luck!