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Little things....

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SO....here is my question...

Is there any reason I shouldn't do the following meals??

1. Lettuce salad, turkey breast, cucumber slices, boiled egg, dressing from Walden Farms.

2. Grilled Pork chop, asparagus, and sauteed mushrooms.

3. Anyone eat breakfast, lunch, fruit for snack time, dinner and then fruit for snack time...

I am on 800 calorie and was told to do the following:
2 eggs for breakfast
meat and vege and fruit for lunch (or fruit as snack)
meat and vege and fruit for dinner (or fruit as snack)

but over the weekend I was reading where protocol was not to eat breakfast....

Just looking for advice and clarification....


6/29 331.8
7/1 P1D1 loading day in Niagara Falls
7/2 P1D2 loading day in Niagara Falls
7/3 P2D1 no scale...
7/7 P2D5 329.3
7/14 P2D12 318.5 Down 13.3#
7/15 P2D13 315.0

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  1. chunkynomore's Avatar
    Who told you to eat 800 calories? If you're under a doctor's orders I'd ask your doctor. I was wondering what you sautee your mushrooms in? butter? oil? Also, pork is SUPER fatty, which is why it's not on protocol. If you're not under doctor's orders but are insistent on 800cals I would suggest sticking to protocol and adding 50g of protein and more veggies to reach the higher caloric intake. I would stick to the 2 fruits though, as fruits have sugar in them, natural sugars, but still. So the biggest question I have is who told you to do 800 cals?
  2. scalephobia's Avatar
    ...same questions as above....

    Plus - be very careful of Walden Farms.
    The sauces are NOT zero calories. They're just below 5 calories per serving - so they can be listed as "0" AND they are packed with salt. Some have more than 30% salt content - which is higher than even fast food.

    Regarding Protocol - it's 500 calories a day (but requires you be taking HCG). The menu you are showing is no where near protocol.

    You should be having 2 x 100grams of protein a day (fat free protein - such as chicken breast or white fish) grilled or broiled - no fat or sauces

    2 x approved vegetable

    2 x fruit (apple, orange, strawberry or grapefruit)

    1 x melba toast or grissini.

    I'm a breakfast girl - so I always had a fruit for breakfast (orange) and saved my apple for evening desert.
  3. fireside's Avatar
    DR ordered the 800 calories per day...showed me the menu as I described above...eating breakfast.
    mushrooms are put in skillet with Pam grilling spray, garlic salt and water...

    my main concern was the mixing of 2 or more veges at the same time....
  4. Graham's Avatar
    Hard for you to follow protocol when your doctor is not.

    First things first, if you actually follow the original protocol there is no breakfast. You eat at noon-ish and then at supper. You then eat again at noon and so forth. Secondly, you only eat 500 calories in a day. You do not mix any vegetables.

    For full, accurate results you do the bare minimum. It seems today that most people are cheating and fluffy up their intake with all this exotic stuff that was not allowed in the original. Follow what your doctor says and you will be complaining in a week or two that your gains have been very minimal.
  5. chunkynomore's Avatar
    You need to ask your doctor. You're clearly doing a modified version of hcg, drastically modified, and only your dr will have the right answer. People on here go off of the original protocol, and sometimes modify it to their own needs. Just call
  6. fireside's Avatar
    SO...are you all blasting me for following my doctors protocol for the 800 calorie HCG vlcd?? Really, I thought this was a place to get advice and encouragement. I am not off doing this without any thought...the reason I am on it is because I found my doctor and we decided on the plan....

    So...if I am not adhering to Simeons way....do I need to leave this forum????
    If so, I think you all are shallow...as I have had great loss on Round one and so far on Round two...on the 800 cal with injections.
  7. maggiep's Avatar
    I too do an 800 calorie diet, as I found I had more issues when I didn't get 4.5-5oz/protein in my meals.

    I've had several versions of those meals -- but I didn't eat eggs or pork even when rogue. I'd say avoid the pork just due to the fat content, but everything else should be fine!
  8. AbbyGJ's Avatar
    I agree with maggiep! You may find more answers in the going rogue thread. Helpful info. There's nothing wrong with modified. Both methods work.
  9. maggiep's Avatar
    Fire don't let people who are POP be naysay'ers. I've seen you be successful here, and know sometimes rogue is key. Keep with us!

    Do consider the pork, though.
  10. yep yep I can's Avatar
    I agree with Maggiep. And if your doing the 800 vs the 500 then you probably need to add a breakfast to reach you 800 a day. Some of us don't strickly follow POP, myself included, I do my best, but life happens. If your losing and its working go for it and if breakfast is included yay!! Lol best of luck to you and I hope this round is good to you. The eggs are just added protein so if you add more to your lunch and dinner you could probably skip the breakfast. As for the pork I've done it.. I've also done the 93% turkey too and I still lost well. :-)
  11. scalephobia's Avatar
    I agree here also with MaggieP.

    Don't take offense at Protocol advice. Most of the people on this forum are following protocol - so the main part of the forum people are not going to be able to help you much if your doctor is using a modified program. Not that it's wrong - or isn't going to work - just a lack of any info on what your protocol is.

    For Breakfast - regardless of protocol - many people eat some of their food in the morning - and it has no negative effect on weight loss. It's usually a blood sugar regulation thing (some people are hungrier in the morning - some can't go without something to eat before noon). So do what works well for you and best of luck.

    Do discuss the walden farms with your doctor though. I know some people use it - but the extremely high salt content causes weight loss (and retention) issues. Not every doctor is always aware of the contents in a packaged food.
  12. beach girl's Avatar
    Except for the fruit you are doing Atkins induction
  13. AbsAgain's Avatar
    Take what you need and leave the rest--that's my motto on forums. My doctor advised POP (perfectly on protocol) at 500 calories a day, but maybe your doctor has reasons for advising 800. How much different is 300 calories, really, when you think about it?

    If you ask for opinions, you're going to get opinions. Most of the people typing to you have been through this and are sharing their perspective. Don't take offense. This is a GREAT forum where I've gotten wonderful recipes and useful advice, even made friends (sort of). Good for you, doing 2 rounds. I only went one for 46 days and lost 28 lbs., but I'm within normal range for my height and like the curves I have left, so I stopped.

    I hope you do great! Share your experiences and gained knowledge as you go--that's what this site is about.
  14. AbsAgain's Avatar
    To answer your questions:

    Is there any reason I shouldn't do the following meals??

    1. Lettuce salad, turkey breast, cucumber slices, boiled egg, dressing from Walden Farms.
    If you're not losing and unhappy, consider reading Pounds & Inches to adjust things.
    2. Grilled Pork chop, asparagus, and sauteed mushrooms.
    Chicken, lean beef, and whitefish are what most people on HCG eat. Again, if you're not losing, consider this. I've heard that vegetarians can do this diet!
    3. Anyone eat breakfast, lunch, fruit for snack time, dinner and then fruit for snack time...
    I actually skipped my fruits some days and totally skipped the grissini and milk in my coffee and still lost weight. So apparently, there's some wiggle room.

    I am on 800 calorie and was told to do the following:
    2 eggs for breakfast
    meat and vege and fruit for lunch (or fruit as snack)
    meat and vege and fruit for dinner (or fruit as snack)

    The only difference between what you did and protocol people was the 2 eggs at breakfast. But, if it's working for you, then do it. If not, then change.
  15. Anniem469's Avatar
    I have never joined a forum but decided to find one for the hcg diet. I read through this thread and must agree with abs again - take what you like and leave the rest. I started the drops on june 27 and so far am down 14 lbs but have been stalled for almost a week. I am learning to just go with it because that is my body. I will finish do maintenance and excercise and then try again to lose the extra 10.
    to give my opinion on the walden farms dressing-Dont Do It!!!! I have not personally read the ingredients but I cant imagine it being good for you. I was a member of another weight loss group where many members used it and others questioned it.
    I will not do artificial sweeteners fake food or anything from the middle aisles that claim to be healthy. I have learned that most of it is not.
    I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle with no chemicals processed food etc. I find that there are so many herbs and seasonings that will amp up flavor in anything.and they add 0 calories!
    As far as Pam goes..... I have a mister and fill it with healthier oils. There is a reason why high end cookware warn against the use of it. I also fill a mister with lemon juice.
    I also needed to add some extra protein to my diet so amp up metabolism I also do pork tenderloin-it is a very lean cut of it.
    I am happy for everyone who is experiencing success
    Stay positive and remember....
    Not everything people post are meant to offend and hurt another person- they are just opinions that should be respected. Life is too short to get insulted and defensive!