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Preparing for next round

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Getting ready to begin Round @2 on July 1....will be on vacation but know I can get back on the protocol...looking forward to getting back on the protocol.
Feeling bummed about work...now I will not have to be going to Ft Worth for the month of July, I was looking forward to the opportunities that could have provided....maybe I go in August or September....
So for now, I will focus on what I can control and that is my journey to loose.....

Dr Visit: 362.2
Round 1
4/10 day one of shots and loading day 1
5/10: 340.1 day 30 of shots...down over 20#!!!
5/19: 337.7 last shot day
5/26: 333.4 another week away...first week of no shots!!!
5/28: 333.1 28.9 pounds down!!!!!!!
6/20: 326.2 P3D40
I will start injections for Round 2 on July 1

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  1. scalephobia's Avatar
    Huge congratulations on what you've accomplished so far. Looks like the next round will take you into the 200's. That's an amazing thing.

    Good on you for staying committed to this journey - and the inevitable results at the finish line.
  2. Annie226's Avatar
    Wow, what tremendous weight loss!!! 200's here you come!!!
  3. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Great job fire!! I will be right behind you. Will start loading July 3rd (or 4th). Looking forward to reading your blogs.