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Back on track

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Was tough starting this round...I was on vacation. I really do not know my starting weight for this round...but I know the end number is all that matters to me. It is not a race to me to see if I loose more in 30 days than anyone else does. I learned a long time ago...I am me...No one is like me...I need to be happy with me!

Seems like being back home and getting the proper foods is the answer...at least to get me re-focused. Sadly, I think I will be needing knee surgery, I will see doctor again in 2 weeks...so I am focusing on the now...and getting healthy.

Round 2
7/1 P1D1 loading day in Niagara Falls
7/2 P1D2 loading day in Niagara Falls
7/3 P2D1
7/4 P2D2
7/5 P2D3
7/6 P2D4 home late from trip...will weigh in morning
7/7 P2D5 329.3
7/8 P2D6 329.0
7/9 P2D7 326.6
7/10 P2D8

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