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Back at it!

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So, last week was my first week and I contemplated every day about going back to Boot
Camp and decided against it because my energy was SO low and I just didn't want to do more harm than good . I have been freaking out without my morning stress release and I was missing it so much! So this morning going into week two and feeling absolutely fabulous I decided to go back and WOW....I cannot even explain how much more energy I feel, how I
was able to really push through my workout and did not struggle one bit! I did eat about 1 oz of chicken and a slice of toasted Ezekiel bread before boot camp and then a protein shake immediately after. Then continued the rest of the day spot on Protocol. I read a study that was done on exercise and HCG and it said to eat back whatever you burn but NO MORE. So I burned 596 cals this morning, so I am eating 1,096 cals today. YES, I know I am breaking all the rules but so what! I will be the guinea pig and see what happens. To me, if I lose slower but the inches are coming off and my body is reshaping and able to keep my muscle I'm good with that! I don't mind working for my body that's never been the issue....the issue has been that NO MATTER WHAT I do nothing happens! Age, hormones, whatever....time to try something different.
I need my workouts like an alcoholic needs a drink!!! I am going to experiment this week and see what happens. I will keep you all posted If I don't think this will work I will bite the bullet and back off
Up to know I have lost 6 lbs but I kinda had a few extra bites on Mothers Day and enjoyed the day so no loss this morning, but I was prepared, so it's all good.

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  1. fithappens's Avatar
    Actually after reading more on this I will stick to between 500- 800 and see how I feel!
  2. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Good for you fit. Best wishes finding what works for you!