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Day 4 Hives gone!

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That was strange! One day of a rash....like hives, but not very severe. I took some Benadryl and it stopped itching. This morning the rash is gone. I gained .02 lbs since yesterday, not sure what that's about, maybe Benadryl?
Doesn't seem likely. I did have 4 pcs of sugar free hard candy because I was so bored at work ( habits ~ that needs to be broken)
Anyway I really feel the hunger is controlled more today that the previous 4, in fact each day it seems to be a little less.
Still haven't been back to Boot Camp, just kind of letting my body adjust this first week. Just short walks around the neighborhood so far.
Next week, I am going to give it a try and up my protein a bit, see how it goes! If I don't have the endurance to make it through the workout I am not going to push it......listening to my body!
Everybody have a great ON PROTOCOL weekend

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  1. Bavalay21's Avatar
    Glad the hives are gone fit. Could've been anything that caused that and not necessarily the hcg. You night want another week or two before going back to boot camp . Have a good weekend.
  2. pookster's Avatar
    I'm with bavs..I would suspect something other then the hcg.....your braver then me.. I cant even look at sugar free candy.. cause in my head I say " there is no sugar?? That must mean its ok to eat a bag " lol
  3. maggiep's Avatar
    Hooray for no more hives!

    As for the gain, it happens. At least you were able to say 'no' after 4 pieces! I couldn't look at candy this round.