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Gone with the Weight, After HCG: Stabilizing (physically and mentally)

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Thanks to HCG, I lost the weight. Bravo! Bellissimo! Encore! But I wasn't finished...
The willpower pendulum still had momentum and so, I lost even more weight. OMG!
As the willpower diminished, I began to fall backwards; my scale skyrocketed. Noooooooo!

After the too-quick relapse, I was left questioning whether all the naysayers were right: "You realize as fast as you lose it, you'll gain it right back." Something inside me suspects if we were 5 instead of 35 or 45, there would have been a nasally "nah-na, nah-nah-nah!" and some blatant tongue exposure added to the warnings.

In any case, while I'm not strutting around the playground proving that they were wrong, I am cautiously thrilled. As quickly as I gained weight, I lost weight. I am now a healthy and happy 110-112.

How did I lose the weight?
1.) Moved the majority of my late dinners up a few hours; or
2.) Filled-up earlier in the day so I could painlessly skip a full evening meal. . . Also,
3.) I cut out my aggressive wine consumption.

How am I keeping myself from gorging--for now?
1.) I allow myself carbs.
2.) I don't count calories or weigh my food.
3.) And, most importantly, I'm trying to have a healthier relationship with my body, my scale, and myself.

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  1. Catthai's Avatar
    Good for you! I know that losing it isn't the last word in this diet - keeping it off is. I'm prepared to have a weekly relationship with my newly acquired scales and like you said, watch the wine. Wine on the weekends mostly is ok with me.
  2. MeOnHCG's Avatar
    Good for you. I am very proud of you! I don't know your whole story, but hearing a story about discipline and balance always makes me smile. I desire balance SO SO much, and your last 3 hit home. I really want those things for myself! I have gotten away from weighing food & myself....but healthier relationships with food will take this whole hCG process.....I've got another 33 days!
  3. fivetwoandahalf's Avatar
    Hi MeOnHCG,
    As crazy as this may sound, a part of me is envious that you have/had (on March 30th) 33 days left on HCG. Who knew that one day, I'd wish I was in the middle of HCG PII?
    After so many months without the steady weight decline, I miss it.
    Good for you on committing to an effective weight loss program! I LOVE hcg!! and I LOVE how my body finally lost the weight that I had begun to believe was genetically predestined for me.