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Gone with the Weight, After HCG: A Tale of Thee HCG-ers

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There are three of us who went on HCG and were dramatically successful.
I've told you my tale of the toll and I've eluded to my friends' results. Now, I'll give a quick update:

1.) Friend Best: She's moved to a new strategy: Atkins. Upon the suggestion of another friend, she has dedicated her maintenance efforts toward a high protein, low carb diet. . . and boy is she having a ball with the full-fat-frenzy! She is absolutely loving the bacon, meat and cheese (with no carbs). I applaud her happiness. It's the first time in *****a VERY long time***** that she's been so happy with her food intake and I'm super thrilled for her!!!!
She continues to long for the HCG induced BMI of borderline "underweight", but is becoming more satisfied with healthy.
Disclaimer: she is still super thin. She does feel it necessary to get fillers and plumpers to round out the shallows of her face. When you lose weight, you might lose it in your face--and it will age you. . . and on that note...

2.) Friend Still-Obsessed? She is back on the HCG program--although, none of us are supposed to know. To be honest, she looks aged and weathered. She doesn't look anorexic; but, she does look extremely tired and (oddly) dry. Once a former model, she seems to hold herself to a standard that is impossible for even the youngest and thinnest pre-adult. . . and she's in her forties and has two healthy and beautiful (really beautiful) children.

3.) Friend-Me: I've been experimenting. I've found that if I wish to be sub-112, I must restrict my diet. Now, if I can accept 112-115, it is unnecessary to alter my consumption. How nice, right? Except, I'm a greedy soul with an oysterish sort of brain. The 'idea' of being under 110 calls to me like a mythical siren. It literally beckons me to it's dangerous tides. I cannot help working over the 'idea' like a spec of grit. I diligently work the 'idea' over and over. At this point, I've got a metaphysical pearl the size of America.

Anyone else out there with post HCG tales to share??

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  1. captncrunch's Avatar
    hi fivetwo. Just my oppinion, I'm sure u look perfect at 112-115, my goal is 115 i'm 5'1.5", and I set it there because i was worried about looking frail like one of my friends who is 5'2" and naturally 110. If I find that when I get there i look too thin i want to up my weight, even though like 115 calls to me like 110 calls to you, lol.
  2. fivetwoandahalf's Avatar
    Love your user name! Transports me to childhood memories of mouthfuls of crunchy sweetness and sugary milk.

    Regarding your comment:
    Often, I am told by the other moms that I am enviably small. They crack self-depricating jokes about my size vs. theirs and they shower me with unsolicited compliments. You'd think by this point my ego would be enormous, but it's not. The sad truth is that no matter how often I am told I am "tiny" or "skinny" or "perfect", I don't believe it. I don't believe that for me, 112 is small enough. . .

    Interestingly, if you would have asked me before the HCG diet how I would feel if I could maintain at 115, I would have jumped with giddy joy at the mere thought of being so little!

    So, my reply comment to you is: You sound healthy and adorable and I hope you are more successful than I have been at avoiding the infectious calling of the crazy number obsessed sirens. . .