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  1. Darnit! day one and you would think after 2 rounds I'l be prepared!

    Man, I thought I was going to just breeze into this round...N-O-T...

    I had my menu written and worked early this morning to get my orders done, go downstairs and get ready to make my chili for the next few days.... ddduuuurrr would really help had I gotten the 'whole' list.

    Had my grocery list folded over and 1/2 my stuff is on the other side.

    Lesson learned... having all your meals pre-made for about a week really helps.
    I 'usually' have my chili ...
  2. Ok Jen- Ready set...Last Round...You Can Do it!!!

    I am ready - waited right at 1 year. I have held the lost weight off and ready to get the remaining last punds GONE.

    After doing 2 rounds and knowing the challenge, for me anyway, it's taken some time to get ready to do it again.
    The results are great, but in a house of 2 teenage boys that eat every hour and my husband it's hard to get ready to do it again.

    I know I can and I am now prepared mentally. I had amazing results my first 2 rounds. I know what to look ...