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Recipe For Phase2 - Honey Mustard Chicken Salad

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I just found this recipe in the HGC Diet Forum…OMGosh it’s AWESOME!!
I got Romaine Lettuce Leafs, round the salad up like a fajita !!

3.5 oz chicken breast
juice from 1/2 lemon
fresh basil (3 or so large leaves)
fresh cilantro (4-5 leaves)
fresh dill (about 1 tsp.)
salt and pepper to taste
3.5 oz lettuce (I use Romain, but any will work)
1/2 cup of yellow mustard (yes, mustard is Ph2 approved- But First check your LABEL- make sure…no SUGAR!)
1 packet Stevia (or whatever sweetener you use)

1. Boil chicken until cooked.
2. While chicken is boiling place lemon, herbs*, and seasonings into a food processor
3. When chicken is cooked through, remove from water and chop coarsely. Add to food processor.
4. Blend all ingredients in food processor for a few seconds, or until the chicken looks ground.

~Honey Mustard Dressing~
1. Mix about a half cup of yellow mustard with a packet of Stevia (or any sweetener you like). Mix to taste. If you like it tart, add more mustard. If you like sweeter, add more sweetener.
2. Add just enough water to give the mixture a dressing-like consistancy.
Note: This yielded about two servings.

Pour chicken mixture over lettuce and add dressing. Enjoy! This is great to make batches of ahead of time, too.

*You can use whatever herbs you have handy. I happen to love basil, cilantro and dill, so I use them. I ran out of dill this morning and just used basil and cilantro, and it tastes great!

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